[Recipe] Beetroot, Banana & Berry Smoothie ft. Love Beets Baby Beetroot

Beetroot, Banana & Berry Smoothie | www.fussfreecooking.com

Icy beetroot, banana and berries smoothie anyone?

I kicked start my Friday with this vibrant coloured concoction. So colour rich that I felt I was transformed into the cheerful and energetic Barney, the purple dinosaur!

Say whaattt…


[Recreation - Wishlist] Turkish Delight

[Recreation - Wishlist] Turkist Delight | www.fussfreecooking.com

I am somewhat conservative when it comes to dinnerware. Plain white has been my go-to choice and whenever I felt a little rebellious,  plain black dinnerware it was.  Lately, I have been noticing little independent stalls set up in various malls selling Turkish dinnerware. When they were all placed together, I could not help but to fall in love the vibrancy  of colours and exotic patterns which I usually averse to when it comes to dinnerware.

1. Le Souk Ceramique – Tabarka Round Serving Platter ($44)

2. Set of 6 Turkish Glasses Clear Window ($36)

3. Copper mug ($36)

4. Cup and saucer “Turkish Delight Sky” ($20)

5. Mosaic Flower Coaster ($11.95)

6. And a matching mosaic flower placemat ($17.95)

7.  Le Souk Ceramique – Tabarka Pitcher ($23)

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[Recipe] Turkey & Spinach Bolognese

Turkey & Spinach Bolognese | www.fussfreecooking.com

Spaghetti bolognese. My ultimate comfort food, food which I love to cook in a large batch in anticipation of next day’s packed lunch!


[Recipe] Nacho Pizza

nacho pizza | www.fussfreecooking.com

Nacho is the one of the best food inventions ever.

Nacho popcorn is amazing.

Nacho pizza, OMG, you should try this!