Street Talk Espresso Giveaway – Winner Announcement

And the winner for Street Talk Espresso Giveaway is ……



Karen Arellano. Congrats on winning a meal for two at Street Talk Espresso!

When we asked to complete the sentence “I love brunch because ….” and here’s what Karen said:

“I love brunch because I love breakfast menu items eaten at non-breakfast-time times. What can I say, I’m a rebel like that! (Read: as usual I slept after 3am the night before, couldn’t get myself out of bed for a socially acceptable breakfast-meal time the following morning so I’m left with little option but to actually have breakfast during lunchtime). As a side note: brunch menus are the best anyway.”

Thank you for all your entries on my blog, Instagram and Facebook! A big thanks to Street Talk Espresso for offering us this lovely giveaway.

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