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Chocolate Drizzled Salted Caramel Chip Cookies

Salted Chocolate & Caramel Bits Cookies a1

My love for savoury taste has somewhat reflected in my choice sweet treats. I love the combination of salty and sweet which explains anything with peanut butter and chocolate is a yes for me. That was before the start of salted caramel trend of course!

My recent purchase of  the new Nestlé Caramel Bits has prompted me to bake these baked goods which will be holiday treats worthy in the next two months. What? Thinking about holiday treats already?


Baked Blueberry & Chocolate Doughnuts (Donut) Recipe

Baked Blueberry & Chocolate Doughnuts (Donut) Recipe a2

I love having breakfast on the go. The truth is I am not a morning person and snoozing the alarm clock is kinda my forte in the morning haha!.  However, thanks to my Asian upbringing, I have this notion that “it is bad to eat while walking around” embedded deeply in my mind which explains the subconscious guilt I felt whenever I do so. Do you think this is true or it’s just an Asian thing? Just tell me it’s an Asian thing. *wink*


Flourless Peanut & Macadamia Cookies & The KitchenAid Food Processor Winner!

Peanut & Macadamia Cookies a2

I love recipes with short ingredient lists. Somehow, it is more likely for me to try a recipe with a short ingredient list than a lengthy one. There is no doubt the more ingredients you add, the more complex and sophisticated the taste will be. Having said that, I am a simple lady with a simple taste. Less is more. Although the same cannot be said with my obsession with handbags and shoes ha!

I was drawn to this particular recipe found in the May 2013 Issue of Super Food Idea Magazine because it was a flourless cookies recipe. We all heard of flourless cakes but flourless cookies? I’ve just got to try this!








{Closeup: To give you an idea of how far to press the dough..}

Peanut & Macadamia Cookies a4

Peanut & Macadamia Cookies a3

{To give you an idea how it looks inside after baking.}

The KitchenAid Food Processor Giveaway Winner courtesy of Leggos

I am so thankful with all your wonderful entries as well as the opportunity to collaborate with Leggos and Nuffnang.  The winner for this giveaway is Laura. Congratulations! As usual, I will contact the winner via email for postal details. Thanks again everyone!


Banana Brownies {Vegan Friendly}

banana brownies (vegan friendly)a1

It’s been a while I baked anything with bananas. I felt that I have showcased enough banana breads on this blog to a point that I’m running the  risk of being in a baking rut. So I gave the banana related baked goods a rest. A very long rest.

However, the urge to re-ignite my love for  banana baked goods happened during my 5 hours road trip from the Orange to Newcastle. I usually think of blog content when I was in a confined space, namely in a long road trip or train ride.  I don’t usually drive long distance. At the same time, I don’t want to talk till my beloved’s ears bleed for more than an hour ha! Hence, for me, thinking of blog content seems to be the most productive thing to do.

Then I thought of what I wanted to add in this imaginary banana baked goods that I wanted to bake. Hmmm…. I feel like moist decadent chocolate brownie. Say banana chocolate brownie. But I wanted to be a “healthier” version say with olive oil. So I typed in these key words: banana, chocolate, oil and there were a good number of recipes came up. After browsing through the search results, I decided on vegan friendly, dairy free and egg free brownies. Seems like an impossible baking recipe but it surely worked. With that said, the “batter” seems a little dryer than the conventional butter and egg based batter, which reminds me of a muffin batter.

banana brownies (vegan friendly) a4

banana brownies (vegan friendly) a5

banana brownies (vegan friendly) a6

banana brownies (vegan friendly) a7

banana brownies (vegan friendly) a8

banana brownies (vegan friendly) a3