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[Recipe] Beetroot, Banana & Berry Smoothie ft. Love Beets Baby Beetroot

Beetroot, Banana & Berry Smoothie |

Icy beetroot, banana and berries smoothie anyone?

I kicked start my Friday with this vibrant coloured concoction. So colour rich that I felt I was transformed into the cheerful and energetic Barney, the purple dinosaur!

Say whaattt…

[Recipe] Caffè Mocha Smoothie (ft. Chia Seeds & Maca Powder)

Caffe Latte Smoothie (ft chia seeds & maca powder) |

Hi guys! Let’s talk about breakfast today.

I know right, what a good topic to start on a Monday!

I have mentioned in the past that my beloved and I were serial breakfast skipping offenders. Since we often complained about lacking energy in the morning, and therefore not a morning person, I thought it’s high time that we get our act together and NOT TO SKIP BREAKFAST!

[Recipe] No Cook Dessert: Berries & Coconut Chia Seeds Pudding with Maple Syrup {Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Dairy Free}

No Cook Dessert - Berries Coconut Chia Seeds Pudding |

I don’t think I ever celebrated Valentine’s Day with roses and candle lit dinner and this is coming from a person who has been in a relationship for almost a decade. The most I had was chocolates and I may and may not have eaten too many of them! ;) I remember my last post on Valentine’s Day was three years ago and I haphazardly celebrated with a chocolate fudge cake with coffee syrup and chocolate bits brownie slice. Talk about chocolate overkill ha!

Since my last “celebratory” dessert involved some baking effort, I thought I’ll share a recipe with those who want to make an effortless beautiful and delicious dessert and for once, it does not involve chocolate. When I say effortless, this is well and truly sweat free and no cooking is required. I also love that this is vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free as I find it quite challenging to make a dessert that can meet those criteria.