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[Recipe] No Cook Dessert: Berries & Coconut Chia Seeds Pudding with Maple Syrup {Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free, Dairy Free}

No Cook Dessert - Berries Coconut Chia Seeds Pudding |

I don’t think I ever celebrated Valentine’s Day with roses and candle lit dinner and this is coming from a person who has been in a relationship for almost a decade. The most I had was chocolates and I may and may not have eaten too many of them! ;) I remember my last post on Valentine’s Day was three years ago and I haphazardly celebrated with a chocolate fudge cake with coffee syrup and chocolate bits brownie slice. Talk about chocolate overkill ha!

Since my last “celebratory” dessert involved some baking effort, I thought I’ll share a recipe with those who want to make an effortless beautiful and delicious dessert and for once, it does not involve chocolate. When I say effortless, this is well and truly sweat free and no cooking is required. I also love that this is vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free as I find it quite challenging to make a dessert that can meet those criteria. 


[Recipe] Cacao, Cola & Cranberries Scones with Maple & Vanilla Icing

chocolate, cranberries & cola scones |

Hey guys, I’m bringing soda scones back! Let’s do High Tea, afternoon tea, morning tea because we need a reason to enjoy these sweet treats. Or don’t we?

If you aren’t familiar with soda scones, well my dear friends, this is possibly the simplest way to make scones from scratch. There is no need to crumble butter with flour for this recipe. I know this may not be an arduous task to some of you, after all instead of the traditional rub-in method, there’s always a food processor to do the job. But sometimes, I just feel like a less fiddly process. Sometimes, if I can get away with just two-step process of pour and mix, I am all good.


[Recipe] 5 Minutes Banana & Quinoa Flakes Microwave Cakes with Goji Berries & Pecans

5 minutes banana & quinoa flakes microwave cakes |

If you follow my Instagram @FussFreeCooking, you’d probably noticed my breakfast options were pretty predictable: eggs, mushrooms,coffee and on occasions pancakes. While there is nothing wrong being a repetitive eater, for the sake of trying something different, I have decided to include quinoa flakes in my breakfast routine.

The quinoa flakes I used are the Macro brand from Woolworths. To make quinoa flakes into porridge, it requires 1 part quinoa flakes to 2 parts water according to the packet instructions which I eventually deviated (as you do *wink*) to 1 part of water and 1 part of milk for a creamier texture and (not to mention) tastier outcome. Since quinoa porridge does not require as much cooking time as the rolled oats variety, the former is less likely to burn the milk as well.