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[Recipe] Flourless Chocolate & Banana Loaf, Vegan Friendly & Gluten Free

Flourless Banana Chocolate Loaf, Vegan Friendly & Gluten Free |

In my last 5 Ingredients Spelt and Chia Seeds Banana Bread post, Felicia from Dish by Dish asked:-

“Hey Emily! this looks beautiful! I’m just wondering if I can use almond meal to replace spelt flour?”

I thought what a brilliant idea to give a flourless banana bread a go!  So here it is, Felicia, my take on flourless banana bread – with almond meal with raw cacao powder. I did not add any sugar to the loaf except for a light sprinkling of coconut sugar on top of the banana toppings to help with the caramelisation. Ooooo, caramelised bananas, can’t say no to that hey?


[Recipe] 5 Ingredients Spelt & Chia Seeds Banana Bread, Vegan Friendly

4 Ingredients Spelt & Chia Seeds Banana Bread  [Vegan] |

Bananas and I are like breakfast BFF! I would either add them on my porridge, in and on my pancakes and when they have turned super spotty and mushy, guess what, banana bread here I come!

I have learned several banana bread recipes in the past and I even dedicated a special heading for banana in my recipe index as well as a Pinterest board for uses of overripe bananas. Talk about being banana obsessed!

So are you ready for another banana bread recipe?


[Recipe] Beetroot, Banana & Berry Smoothie ft. Love Beets Baby Beetroot

Beetroot, Banana & Berry Smoothie |

Icy beetroot, banana and berries smoothie anyone?

I kicked start my Friday with this vibrant coloured concoction. So colour rich that I felt I was transformed into the cheerful and energetic Barney, the purple dinosaur!

Say whaattt…


[Recipe] Caffè Mocha Smoothie (ft. Chia Seeds & Maca Powder)

Caffe Latte Smoothie (ft chia seeds & maca powder) |

Hi guys! Let’s talk about breakfast today.

I know right, what a good topic to start on a Monday!

I have mentioned in the past that my beloved and I were serial breakfast skipping offenders. Since we often complained about lacking energy in the morning, and therefore not a morning person, I thought it’s high time that we get our act together and NOT TO SKIP BREAKFAST!