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[Recreation - Out & About] Orange Food Week – Food Affair

I am still getting over the fact that F.O.O.D Week has finished seven days ago. Not to mention the food-hangover that I have pleasantly brought onto myself, ha!

I feel the F.O.O.D Week has really brought out the best of Orange region – good wines, fresh and delicious food sourced from local producers and the beautiful Autumn scenary in Orange as a backdrop of various events. Besides a marathon of wine and food tasting, there were cooking masterclasses (i.e cider making), visiting of olive groves, farms, vineyards and orchards which made me appreciate cooking even more and has helped me in understanding the importance of supporting the local producers.


[Recreation - Out & About] Orange Food Week – Night Market

F.O.O.D Week (Food Of Orange District) has to be one of the events in Orange that got me filled with excitement. The Week starts from 13th to to 22nd April and there are many events to keep the food lovers within the region happy chappy with the ultimate food and wine experience.

Wine tasting and tours, 100 Mile Dinner, tours of olive groves and olive oil tasting, luncheon hosted by the local bistro and restaurants, farm and orchard tours and various cooking classes i.e how to cooking with VerJus and hands-on Cider making – I do think that the events are quite extensive, imagine the 32-pages worth 2012 Program event booklet!


[Recreation - Out & About] Orange Region Farmers Market

Hi lovelies! Hope you have a beautiful Saturday.. as beautiful as the City of Orange. :P

I have just came back from the Orange Region Farmers Market which is held every SECOND SATURDAY of each month. I forgot how much fun to be spending Saturday morning (started from 8 am to 1pm) looking at fresh local produce, discovering new products, and basically uncovering the “hidden gems” in Orange region.