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[Recreation - Out & About] Orange FEAST Lemon Night


There’s a saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”.

However, in my first Orange Feast meeting, it turned out to be more like more hands make light work….

(Okay, maybe none of this makes much sense to you. I’m writing this post at 11.25 pm and just got back from my road trip to Sydney. Maybe I was still under the lingering effect of my travelling pill ha!)

So first question: what is Orange Feast (held in Orange) meeting all about?

It is basically a social club held every 3rd Friday each month whereby a group of ladies get together to cook, eat and talk about food.

{Team main dish – Katy was briefing us what needs to be done for making the Orriechetta with Lemon Zest, Basil and Chilli Garlic Masala, tweaked from David Bitton – A French-inspired cafe cookbook. Recipe is available here.}

Two Fridays ago, I was invited to attend their third meeting and the theme was lemon. And yes, there’s a theme for each meeting. We were asked to bring our favourite lemon recipes to share and some lemony nibbles and snacks. My contribution was the lemon, leek and feta quiche. The structure for the night was this: we were splitted into the main dish and dessert teams. We prepared and cooked/baked together over tonnes of nibbles, wines, chatters and laugthers. I can only wish every kitchen adventure on my own was as fun as this.

{Shara from What Share Cooked was briefing team dessert about the Lemon Delicious recipe.}

  {End Result of our hard work}

{Fresh from the oven}

I would like to thank Katy and Shara for inviting me to the night out. If you live in Orange and interested in joining the next night out which will be on the 17th August 2012, let me know and I will relay it to the organisers (for now) until I can confirm the appropriate contact details. The theme will be pizza. :)

For more information and past meeting from the Orange Feast, please check out:

[Recreation - Out & About] All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Night at Nashdale Hall, NSW

As some Orange residents may agree, fresh seafood, and I meant you can still taste the sea kind of fresh, is hard to come by in Orange for being inland and all. So when my Nashdale connection, Mr C, asked me if I would like to go to an all-you-can-eat seafood dinner, and that the organisers actually hired a refridgerated truck to pick up thousand dollars worth of seafood from Sydney market on the same day, it’s difficult to let this opportunity to slip through my fingers. Plus, it’s not often I get to experience a community organised event.

{So, that’s the secret behind cooking whole salmon ….by massaging them tenderly. Lucky Nashdale women!  Alright, alright, I was just kidding. They were just checking if the salmon was cooked by detecting the temperature and the firmness of the flesh.  Thanks to Arthur, Bill and Graeme for cooking the salmon perfectly. It’s not easy to cook so many whole salmon in one night! }

{Bits of Nashdale Hall}

{My first round – sword fish fillet, some salmon and salad made by the organising committee members.}

{Grilled salmon, prawns, marinated octopus and fresh oysters – I was in seafood paradise!}

{I love buffet-style dining. Considering the great turnout, it was really organised and there’s more than enough food for everyone.}

{My first encounter with Balmain Bug. Personally the flesh reminds me of lobster but with a more refined texture. I think I still need to get over its aesthetic. Superficial much?}

{Next time, I need to bring a mortar to break the claw. Before this, I forgot how sweet and lovely fresh crab meat is.}

At the end of the dinner I was totally stuffed…same as everyone else. There were boxes of seafood reserved for raffle tickets after the dinner and …if you wish to burn some of the calories you’ve just consumed, there’s a dance floor where you and your mates can dance to the 80s music.

The next seafood dinner will be held in early November and on a Friday night. The ticket for this dinner costs $55  and you need to make ticket reservation before you go (I didn’t notice the availability of front door ticket sale on the night). The proceeds of the dinner will go towards the maintenance of the Nashdale Hall and funding the local schools and charitable organisations. Should you require the date on the next seafood dinner and  ticket reservation, please contact Arthur Treweek on  63 65 3145 or 0427 65 3389.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the Nashdale community for organising such an enjoyable and scrumptious dinner! I will see you next time! :D

Note – This is not a sponsored post and I paid for my own ticket.

[Recreation - Out & About] An Afternoon in Bathurst, NSW

{Vintage style lamp posts dot the city roads}

I resided in Bathurst for a year before moving back to Orange. Bathurst has eventually grown on me especially it has specialty shops that are not available in Orange. Plus, there’s Target in Bathurst. I love shopping in Target and it kinda sucks to drive 40 minutes just to shop in Target from Orange. But I suppose for city dwellers, 40 minutes drive from point A to B is no big deal. So please forgive me for being spoilt by the traffic-jam-free-and-everything-is-so-close-together-in-regional-towns lifestyle.

Anyway, two Saturdays ago, my beloved had to attend a work conference in Bathurst and I volunteered to accompany him with the desire of revisiting my favourite spots in Bathurst.

{The Begonia House in Machattie Park}

{I couldn’t resist to check out what’s new in The Naked Bud – a treasure trove of retro and vintage items and cloting.}

{Shops filled with partyware and decorative items have never failed to make me happy.  The Party Table is a place where I seek inspiration for styling my food photos. I love how the partyware is organised by various themes and colours. I love everything the shop has to offer, like a child in a candy store. And of course, I couldn’t help but to bring some chic napkins and girly baking cases home with me. :)}

{If you want a place to rest your tired soles and re-energised after hours of wandering around, The Hub is the place to be. Hip and modern decor, decent prices and most importantly great food – I thoroughly enjoy my vegetable plate with tempura tofu and haloumi. To quench my thirst, I’ve ordered the fruit juice of the day – apple and cranberry juice – and it was refreshing!}

{The sweet ending of the trip was the Annie’s ice cream parlour. When I was living in Bathurst, getting a small tub of homemade macademia ice cream used to be my Friday after-work routine.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find an ice cream shop in Orange that could rival Annie’s. Oh, and they make really good ice cream cakes too!}

  • The Naked Bud – to see more of their vintage goods, please check out the Facebook page here.
  • The Party Table – check out their online store and blog over here.
  • The Hub – check out the latest update from their Facebook page here.

Thanks for your hospitality and letting me take photos in your shops! :)


Dear readers, this is not a sponsored post. I did not received any remuneration (or compensation) in any shape or form for these special features.