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[DIY] Mother’s Day Handmade Gift Idea: 3 Ingredients Dry Skin Scrub

3 Ingredients Dry Skin Scrub |

I have dry and sensitive skin which means I get redness on my face quite easily and flakiness in the month of winter. :/

Oh wait, this post is not about my skin! Let’s talk about the approaching Mother’s Day gift instead.

Getting a Mother’s Day gift for me as a child revolved between faux pink roses or handmade cards. After all it was the thought that counts!

Unlike my sister and I who are skincare product fanatics, my mum’s beauty regime is fairly simple, almost under moisturised in my book ha!

Upcycling empty sauce bottle {DIY Twine Wrapped Bottle}

Upcycling empty sauce bottle {DIY Twine Wrapped Bottle} a1

With the amount of cooking I have done at home, you can imagine the amount of empty bottles that I’ve accumulated.  I find it hard to throw them away as they can be quite useful round the house. After all they can be re-used as utensil holders, make-up brush holders, pen holders, pantry storage, hipster mugs and my favourite, vases. 

Lifestyle : Candle Holders Double As Vases

a2 Use a candle holder as a vase

After attending two wedding receptions in the past weeks, I was reminded of the liveliness of fresh flowers can bring to a space. I tend to decorate my space with artificial flowers for an obvious reason: convenience. Inspired by the wedding theme, I’m keen to introduce some fresh flowers to my space.

My past preference has always steered towards a tall and majestic flower arrangement. With that being said, it is an impractical choice for dining and coffee table centerpiece. As much as we all love flowers, we don’t want to peer through the flowers to see each other across the table and television shows right?

a1 Use a candle holder as a vase

I started to look around for a short vase. Surprisingly, it is not easy to find an affordable and decorative short vase! (And I don’t want the clear glass ones). Talk about not finding something when you are looking.

Then I came across these rounded candle holders at a discount store (The Reject Shop, to be exact).  I love the blush and neutral colour palettes and its reflective surface is a bonus too! Since the candles holders are made of glass, there is no reason that they can’t double as vases.

a4 Use a candle holder as a vase

 {my miniature dining table centerpiece on top of a silver round placemat}

a3 Use a candle holder as a vase

{living room centerpiece}