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[Recreation . Organised] Free Blog Ideas Printable (two A5 sized set on one A4 paper)

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I remember when I first started blogging, all I can think about was blog content and ways I can make my blog to look better. Going through my photo archive on my old laptop, I have realised that over the 4 years of blogging, I have changed my blog header for over  20 times! Perhaps it was the excitement of starting something new but when I looked back, I could not help but to think that I was a woman obsessed!

April 2014 Featured Blogger: Abby from Things for Boys & Satay Turkey Burgers Recipe

Emily: Hi guys! Hope you had a wonderful week so far!  It’s that time of the month again to feature my next blogger friend, Abby,  from Things for Boys. I felt like Abby and I got connected over the homemade kecap manis recipe. :) I love her fun sewing tutorials and her recent completed project of a slouchy leather bag upcycled from her mum’s leather jacket was inspiring.

Now, it’s in my head that I want to make my own “ideal” handbag ha!

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Hi, I’m Abby and I blog over at Things for Boys. At least 90% of my brain power is put towards cooking and crafting, so my blog has become a place to share with everyone all the things I get up to.

[DIY] Mother’s Day Handmade Gift Idea: 3 Ingredients Dry Skin Scrub

3 Ingredients Dry Skin Scrub |

I have dry and sensitive skin which means I get redness on my face quite easily and flakiness in the month of winter. :/

Oh wait, this post is not about my skin! Let’s talk about the approaching Mother’s Day gift instead.

Getting a Mother’s Day gift for me as a child revolved between faux pink roses or handmade cards. After all it was the thought that counts!

Unlike my sister and I who are skincare product fanatics, my mum’s beauty regime is fairly simple, almost under moisturised in my book ha!