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[Recipe] Cheesy Rosemary and Pecan Damper Loaf – A No Knead “Bread”

Cheesy Rosemary and Pecan Damper Loaf |

My first damper experience was at Biddy Walsh’s Irish Pub in Orange. It was soft, fluffy and warm – a perfect vessel for me to slather a generous amount of softened butter. It was memorable and delicious. I was sold with the idea of damper. My dear friends, if you were not familiar with a damper, it was a traditional Australian soda bread usually cooked over hot coals of a campfire. People who know me would tell you I was far from being a camper. But between you and me, I like the idea of camping food. Baked beans, stew cooked in a cast iron, s’mores …  camping looks positively delicious! And maybe, just maybe, it is not a scary notion at all.

[Recipe] Sautéed Curry Paneer with Sugar Snap & Peas

Sauteed Curry Paneer with Sugar Snap & Peas

Hello my friends! How’s your Christmas preparation going? That’s the burning question for the last couple of days hey?

Today was the last working day of the year. I’m all set and ready to enjoy the holiday season with good food and good company although all I wanted to do after work today was to sit back and catch up on my favourite TV shows. When it comes to dinner preparation, easy and meat free was the way to go for me to compensate my over-indulgence in my recent trip to Canberra (you can check out some of the good eats I’ve discovered in Canberra via my Instagram @FussFreeCooking) as well as my work Christmas party at Lolli Redini and my beloved’s at Sweet Sour Salt.

One-Pan Singapore Noodles Recipe

One-Pan Singapore Noodles |

I mainly cooked with fresh Hokkien noodles and the dried rice vermicelli noodles (bihun) at home and some of you may already have come across my Hokkien noodles previously. When it comes to cook with dried rice vermicelli noodles, there’s only one way I would do it: absorption method as featured here. This way, you don’t have to worry about softening the noodles in a separate bowl and they turned out to be much more flavourful because of absorbing the seasoned liquid.