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Oven Baked Corn Fritters

Oven Baked Corn Fritters a9

Look, it’s a muffin, it’s a quiche. No it’s a corn fritter!  Lighter version and less doughy.


Caramelised Scallion (Spring Onions) Noodles

Caramelised Scallion (Spring Onion) Noodles a3

Here are what I love about this scallion noodles:

One, it is an easy sauce to make. Only 4 ingredients required to make the sauce: cooking oil, scallions, soy sauce and sugar. Yes, these are all you need. Almost too easy.


4 Ingredients Coconut Pumpkin Butter

Coconut Pumpkin Butter  a1

Butter with toast is such part and parcel of morning breakfast. I like my toasts to be fanciful and fun such topping with fruits and nuts or doughnut french toasts. After all, if we are going to eat carb, we better eat it like a king! Even just with a piece of toast.

Remember the homemade Nutella I made a while ago? It was such an ease to make and perfect for those who like to control the amount of sugar in a spread.  Today, I wanted to show how to make another kind of butter. It is dairy free, egg free, gluten free, vegetarian friendly and with a Malaysian twist, a nod to where I was born and bred. It’s known as coconut pumpkin butter, loosely based on my favourite childhood spread called “kaya”.


Make Your Own Fresh Pumpkin Puree

Make your own fresh pumpkin puree  a3

We are way past Autumn down under in Australia; yet somehow the idea of Halloween had made me crave pumpkin all over again! The good thing is my love of all things pumpkin. My favourite thing about pumpkin is it’s natural sweetness, and it’s soft and fluffy texture, when it’s cooked. What I don’t like about pumpkin is the hassle involved in cutting and removing it’s skin. I think you know what I mean! How many of you have cut into a rather large pumpkin and just struggled to remove the top? My advice is to use a strong and sturdy knife (and hopefully that comes with a side order of a strong and sturdy man haha :) )