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[Recipe] Dan Dan Noodles

dan dan noodles |

The reason of my last homemade chilli oil post was to make dan dan noodles. It is a popular Chinese Sichuan dish which is essentially made up of noodles with creamy sesame and chilli oil dressing as well as a sautéed mince meat.

My take on this dish is a little different than the original version. There’s no sign of Sichuan peppercorn and it is therefore less spicy; instead of using dried Asian noodles, I have substituted with something most of us is familiar with – spaghetti.

[Recipe] Chicken with Cilantro-Parsley-Capers Sauce Rice Bowl, Gluten Free

Chicken with Cilantro-Parsley-Capers Sauce |

I do love a rice bowl meal.  It is comforting, usually easy to make and it doesn’t hurt that I am obsess with rice!

[Recipe] Grilled Chicken with Garlic, Whole Grain Mustard & Thyme Cream Sauce

[Recipe] Grilled Chicken with Garlic, Mustard & Thyme Cream Sauce |

My dear friends, happy hump day!

I hope you week has been progressing well. I must admit, this week has been hectic with work and deadlines, you know the usual stuff and cooking has been a therapeutic outlet for me. I am trying out new Indian recipes which I can’t wait to share on the blog soon. In the meantime, here is a nice and simple grilled chicken with an amazing sauce to cure your mid-week meal crisis, if you have any. ;)