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Healthy Chicken & Quinoa Tortilla Soup + BRITA Jugs Giveaway!

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Healthy Chicken & Quinoa Tortilla Soup |

Fresh, flavourful and filling – that’s how I like my soup and that’s how I would describe this bowl of delicious tortilla soup!

After all what’s not to love about this dish?

It has a combination of my favourite ingredients which you’re well acquainted with in my past recipes: the peppery and smokiness of the Old El Paso Fajita seasoning mix, the natural sweetness from corn kernels, the thick and luscious tomato passata, the heartiness of black beans and quinoa complemented with the refreshing lime juice and fresh coriander leaves, as well as the richness of the nature’s butter – avocado. (What a mouthful of ingredients huh?)

Additionally, tortilla soup is not complete without the crunchy pan toasted tortilla strips which barely made it as the soup garnish as I could not stop munching on them! (Yup, bad Emily!)

And let’s not forget the core ingredient of this recipe which amalgamates all these wonderful flavours together, transforming into a pot of mouth-watering Mexican soup feast – filtered water.

On Set Experience for Season 6 MasterChef Australia & Satay Chicken Salad {Gluten Free Recipe}

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Satay Chicken Salad {Gluten Free Recipe} |

Bianca from Wholefood Simply, Jenny from Ichigo Shortcake and myself were invited to the taping of one of the team challenges for MasterChef Australia in Melbourne not too long ago.

Words could not begin to describe how excited I was to be able to witness my favourite cooking show in its raw form, pre-editing. Watching team challenges at home, I can sometimes get so excited I leap from my couch (yes, I can be that dramatic!)  But when you’re on set, the excitement is ten times greater!

Masterchef Season 6 Behind the Scene |

{From the left: Bianca, Jenny, Gary Mehigan and I at the waiting shed before entering the set)

[Recipe] Grilled Salmon Fillets with Wasabi & Lemon Cream Sauce {My Date Night with IKEA’s Wintertainer Facebook App}

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My Date Night Special with IKEA 'Wintertaining' - Grilled Salmon Fillets with Wasabi & Lemon Cream Sauce  |

I am all for enjoying the little things in life, especially the ways we try to keep our relationship lively. As I enjoy cooking and complementarily, my beloved enjoys home-cooked food,  stay-home dates work for us. In fact, I can hardly remember the last time we went out for dinner just the two of us. Usually if we go out for dinner, it is with a group of friends. To some people, it may sound like we are headed for happily retired couplesville. Personally, I feel there’s something about stay-home dates which feel really cosy and intimate. Dressing down, totally in the comfort of our home, warm food and cuddles, I’ve got to say it is a fantastic idea -  especially in the winter months, no?

While planning a date night is much easier as compared to inviting friends over for dinner, I do make an effort to ensure our date nights feel a little more special, for example by decorating with fresh flowers and candles, trying a new recipe and picking up a movie that both of us will enjoy. I could also take the planning a little further with the help of the new IKEA Wintertainer Facebook app.

Emily Tan's Date Night |