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Thai Red Curry with Grilled Lemon Spiced Lamb Meatballs & Okra

Thai Red Curry with Grilled Lemon Spiced Lamb Meatballs & Okra |

Red Spice Road on 27 McKillop St, Melbourne was one of my recent food adventures with my friends who came over for a short visit.

Being new in town and still feeling our way to learn what’s hot in the Melbourne CBD food scene, we all have turned to our trusty Urbanspoon for guidance. As one of my friends is a vegetarian, having a decent selection of vegetarian dishes was part of the consideration.  One thing led to another, Red Spice Road was on our radar and we were convinced that this was the place to be based on the online reviews.

Oohh, don’t you love reading online reviews and sometimes, just for fun?

[Recipe] Chicken & Coriander Fried Rice + An Exciting Annoucement!

Chicken & Coriander Fried Rice |

I can’t believe that I am actually living in Melbourne now. If you’d asked me early this year about my plan for 2014, never in a million years did I think I’d relocate from Orange to Melbourne! Life is unpredictable, that’s for sure!

My beloved and I have spent the last couple of days setting up my new place to a functional state. Despite we did some culling before vacating our Orange residence, space is still an issue over here in my current home.  Finding a home to park our belongings proves to be a great challenge!

Healthy Chicken & Quinoa Tortilla Soup + BRITA Jugs Giveaway!

Brought to you by Nuffnang and BRITA

Healthy Chicken & Quinoa Tortilla Soup |

Fresh, flavourful and filling – that’s how I like my soup and that’s how I would describe this bowl of delicious tortilla soup!

After all what’s not to love about this dish?

It has a combination of my favourite ingredients which you’re well acquainted with in my past recipes: the peppery and smokiness of the Old El Paso Fajita seasoning mix, the natural sweetness from corn kernels, the thick and luscious tomato passata, the heartiness of black beans and quinoa complemented with the refreshing lime juice and fresh coriander leaves, as well as the richness of the nature’s butter – avocado. (What a mouthful of ingredients huh?)

Additionally, tortilla soup is not complete without the crunchy pan toasted tortilla strips which barely made it as the soup garnish as I could not stop munching on them! (Yup, bad Emily!)

And let’s not forget the core ingredient of this recipe which amalgamates all these wonderful flavours together, transforming into a pot of mouth-watering Mexican soup feast – filtered water.