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Sweet Sour Salt – Modern Asian Restaurant in Orange NSW

Sweet Sour Salt - Modern Asian Restaurant in Orange NSW a1

For those who are not familiar with Orange, it is a regional area with a population of about 40,000 and 4 hours away from Sydney CBD if you are driving. The key industries include agriculture, mining, health services and education (Wikipedia). Whilst it may seem like pub food is the prominent dining option in regional areas, you will be surprise with the options (other than pub food) available around town.

In my last dining post, I presented an unlikely dessert place in a pub. Today, I’d like to talk about a contemporary Asian restaurant called Sweet Sour Salt which I can forsee to be my favourite place for Asian food. We had a delicious dinner from there once, and until this day I am still craving the lychee crème brulee. The sweetness was perfectly balanced with a flowery hint of lychee. In addition, there was a nice surprise of an actual lychee when you scooped the bottom of the dessert. Sadly, I did not take a photo of this dessert at the time. So you just have to take my word for it. *wink*

Sweet Sour Salt - Modern Asian Restaurant in Orange NSW a2

Salt & Pepper Squid with Cucumber Salad $18

I did not realise it is available for lunch until I was there with my work mates. The lunches are at a lower price point, but no less impressive. I was really happy with the meal I had on the day, which was salt and pepper squid with Thai dressing. It was all you can hope for in salt and pepper squid:  lightly battered crispy exterior,  not overly chewy on the inside and the tangy and savoury Thai dressing simply tied the flavours together. Let’s just say I polished the bowl, including the dressing with the shared bowl of rice for the table. Yummo!

Since salt and pepper squid is a dish that can be done well in most places, I decided to go back, tagging along with my beloved and a friend in order to try the other dishes in the name of research ha!

Sweet Sour Salt - Modern Asian Restaurant in Orange NSW a3

Satay Chicken $18

Sweet Sour Salt - Modern Asian Restaurant in Orange NSW a4

Stir-Fried Hokkien Noodles with Braised Lamb Shank $20

Sweet Sour Salt - Modern Asian Restaurant in Orange NSW a5

 One of the Specials of the day: Crisp-Fried Brussel Sprouts with Thai Dressing, Pistachios and Fried Shallot $12

  a6 screenshot

For more information on Sweet Sour Salt, please visit

If you want to have a quick lunch at the place, I’d recommend that you pre-order the food as it may take a while for the food to arrive depending how busy it was. You can check out the lunch menu here, but do look out for their Specials on the black board.


Mary Jane’s Restaurant @ Kellys Rugby Hotel, Orange NSW

Mary Jane's Restaurant @ Kellys Rugby Hotel, Orange NSW a2 (photo credit: Mary Jane’s Restaurant FB Page)

My work function has brought me this place. It is an unlikely place to talk about dessert. After all it is a pub. Although it was one of the many established pubs in Orange, it was a better known one for dessert.


Mary Jane's Restaurant @ Kellys Rugby Hotel, Orange NSW a4

 (photo credit: Mary Jane’s Restaurant FB Page)

I was looking forward to its steak and potatoes. I must admit, I was craving for red meat at the time. Therefore I didn’t go through the menu in detail and headed straight to the steak section. Yes, it was so un-foodie of me. It was a cold and rainy day and it took no time for me to empty my plate. I think it must be the cold and gloominess of the day made the need of a dessert seemed more apparent.  Let’s blame on the weather, shall we?

Mary Jane's Restaurant @ Kellys Rugby Hotel, Orange NSW a1

Then, the dessert galore began. The beauty of dining out in a group is variety. Thankfully, no one ordered the same dessert.  At $9 for each dessert, it was money well spent. The presentation of each dessert has its wow factor and we could not fault the dessert. They were all spoon lick’n good…and we almost cleaned the plates except for one profiteroles being left behind. Too much food…

Mary Jane's Restaurant @ Kellys Rugby Hotel, Orange NSW a5

French profiteroles filled chocolate and hazelnut malt mousse. Napped with chocolate ganache and praline. $9

Mary Jane's Restaurant @ Kellys Rugby Hotel, Orange NSW a6

Raspberry and baileys cheesecake flower, presented with a garniture of biscuit petals. $9

Mary Jane's Restaurant @ Kellys Rugby Hotel, Orange NSW a7

Warm mango and chocolate swirl pudding filled with white chocolate mousse – the dessert special on the day, not on the day-to-day menu.

Mary Jane's Restaurant @ Kellys Rugby Hotel, Orange NSW a8

Steamed banana and date roulade, drizzle with a warm caramel sauce. Accompanied by vanilla ice cream. $9

If you find it challenging to settle on one of the above desserts,  you can opt for a combination plate consisting of a sample of each dessert for $18.

Mary Jane’s Restaurant, located in Kelly’s Rugby Hotel

133 Lords Place, Orange, New South Wales 2800

For inquiries please phone 02 6362 4100 or Fax 02 6361 1596


Facebook Page:


Rolador in Hamilton, Newcastle

Rolador in Hamilton, Newcastle  a1

“Ahhh, I feel like a human now”, that’s what I usually say to myself after the first sip of my morning coffee. Cuckoo? Yes, for talking to myself. But I think I can officially confess that I’m a coffee addict, but do not consider myself a coffee snob though.

I am a creature of habit. Once I’ve found a café I like, I tend to stick to it like a leech ha! Hence, at my regular café in Orange, the baristas and I are on first name basis, so much so, they remember my order. Pathetic? Perhaps. But that’s how I roll ha!

Spending a couple days away from Orange to Newcastle in the past weekend was exciting. It was a good opportunity for me to venture out of my norm. Whilst my beloved was looking up sight-seeing spots, I was checking up on the local cafés and Malaysian restaurants.  Then Rolador in Hamilton, Newcastle came to my radar. It helped that Lauren from the Corridor Kitchen did an informative  review on this cafe. I was convinced. :)

Rolador in Hamilton, Newcastle a2

Although we did not have any trouble finding Rolador owing to the amount of people that were seated outside the café, the signage was not conspicuous. The moment we approached the café, we felt the hipster and quirky vibe, in a good way of course! I love the café’s eclectic and rustic interior… it simply makes the place feels warm, playful and carefree.

Here comes the first sip of coffee. I decided to have soy latte on that morning. It was creamy and the perfect ratio between coffee and soy milk. For those soy latte lovers out there, you may agree with me that not many cafes do well in the soy milk and coffee department. Sometimes you get that weird tasting soy milk. Well, you don’t have to worry about this one. ;)

Rolador in Hamilton, Newcastle a3

We decided to have a sit down breakfast – which was a nice departure of my usual coffee and muffins on the go. One thing I noted was that there is a Mexican flair to their menu. There were breakfast burritos and spicy omelet with jalapenos and salsa. We ended up having the following:-

Rolador in Hamilton, Newcastle a5

Spicy rolo eggs $15.50

Rolador in Hamilton, Newcastle a4

Brekkie burito $15.50


Rolador in Hamilton, Newcastle a6

 Vegi brekkie on sourdough multiegrain with free range egg, haloumi, button mushrooms, bean and avo with house made tomato & pear chutney $18.50


Ethiopian pumpkin and lentil soup $12

(In case you think the above was a bit of a overkill for two people, there were actually 4 of us on this road trip – my beloved, myself and two friends. :P)

The portion size was generous. I ordered the vegi brekkie which was abundance.  What I like about their breakfast dishes was that they were not greasy. There was no butter dripping off my toasts and the others agreed that the breakfast was on the healthier side but still flavourful. It helps that they provided on a small bottle of hot sauce to go with your eggs. Hot sauce and eggs, you can’t fight that combo eh?

PS: I actually went back the next morning to try their Banana, Walnut and Maple muffins. AH-MAZING! Not greasy nor too sweet which also a big plus for me!

Rolador in Hamilton, Newcastle a8