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[Recipes] 9 Ways To Use Thai Green/Red Curry Paste

9 Cooking Ideas with Thai Curry Paste |

Over the years, I have found myself relying pretty heavily on store bought Thai curry paste in my everyday cooking.  So which one do I prefer more? Red or green curry paste?

I usually bought the green one but I do use the both of them interchangeably. In my mind, the only distinction is the red or green chillies in the curry paste and therefore it does not really matter which one you use.

The following is a collection of recipes which I have shared on my blog incorporating Thai curry paste. I hope that this post will inspire you to be creative with the uses of Thai curry paste.

Recipe Rewind: 4 Ways with Macaroni

macaroni - 4 ways

Macaroni is my favourite choice of short pasta as it takes no time to become al dente and as strange as it sounds, I like the fact that I can eat macaroni with a spoon. ;)

I have shared a couple of macaroni recipes over the years. Whilst Mac and Cheese immediately sprung to mind, I actually preferred it as a stir fry dish.  I used to love the Mac and Cheese from Kenny Rogers (in Malaysia) when I was a kid.

Remember Kenny Rogers Roasters?

The super delicious roast chickens?

The Mac and cheese with a generous coat of melted orange processed cheese?

Oh yeah, it was good times!

When I’m home, I love chow mac, in replacement of fried rice. I like to switch up my source of carb from time to time because I love variety.

How about you? How do you like your macaroni?

(clockwise from first left: stove top macaroni & cheese with kale; macaroni & “nachos” bake; kale & tofu chow mac; mac ‘n’ cheese pancakes)

Recipe Rewind: 4 Ways to Bake with Apples


While in the back of my mind still wishes that summer should last a little longer, you know, the ample daylight, the warmth, the breezy attire, stone fruits and all other happy things in summer,  I begin to embrace the beautiful autumn that Orange has to offer.

With the slight chilly breeze as well as trees  begin to fade from lush green into yellow hue, it hard not to realise that autumn has crept up on us, gradually.

A little random or not, I started to think of apples and all the delicious and comforting apple recipes.

Who is looking forward to picking apples in a farm? I know I am! I can hardly wait to go pick my own apples in Nashdale and sink my teeth in a freshly picked Golden Delicious. Having said that, I equally enjoy adding apples in my baked goods. The tartness of apples seems to perk up the buttery crust and cake mixture which I whipped up.

(clockwise from top: fast food apple piestrawberry, apple & rhubard galette; apple & blueberry wholemeal muffins; upside-down apple pancake)