Goldfields Beekeeper’s Inn [Cafe & Farm Shop in Vittoria, NSW] – Just the shop part this time!

{Just before entering the main entrance}

The Goldfields Beekeeper’s Inn is about the half way between Orange to Bathurst – a landmark I see everyday while travelling to work. 

I’ve heard positive things about the cafe, however, when I visited this place, I have had a meal before hand.

Therefore, no food pics this time. Sorry guys!

Having said that, the cafe is quite popular among the locals and I’m looking forward to actually have my meal there next time. So please stay tune for that! 🙂

Here are some of pictures from my recent visit:-

View of the surroundings…

{FYI – the above is not the main entrance…it looks like some old shed used to be a hapening place}

{The moment you walked, you’re welcomed by the wine list of week. A good sign for avid wine drinkers! However, please don’t drink and drive!}

{I have no idea what that is….it just looked interesting to me…very “vintagy” }


The shop carries a variety of local products, very “masterchefy” ingredients. They certainly make an ideal gift for home cooks.

Know your honey…..

Beekeeper’s Inn isn’t complete without a fake beekeeper…

and bees (the real ones, thankfully)…

and just as important, various types of honey for FREE tasting …. heavenly! (I do sound like a cheapo for emphasising the FREE part, hehe!)

{Row #1}

{Row #2}

{My favourite honey}


For shopperholics, here are the potential souvenirs that may interest you. 😀

Goldfields Beekeeper’s Inn

19 Mitchell Highway, Vittoria
(On the Highway at Vittoria, between Bathurst & Orange)

Open 7 days from 9am to 5 pm

For more information, please visit

View Larger Map

From the map, it looks like it’s in middle of no where….and you’re right! To get there, it takes me about 20 minutes from Bathurst, and if you’re coming from Orange, it takes about the same time. So don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it looks!

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