[Review – Product] Packed Lunch using “Rubbish Free Lunch Box” [Nude Food Movers]

The baked beans I’ve made the other days turned out to be plenty for the two of us.  The leftover was in my beloved’s packed lunch on the next day coupled with thinly sliced brown breads in this cool container that I’m currently loving.

Speaking about this cool container, it is called the “rubbish free lunchbox” by Smash purchased from Officeworks. I always wish for a bento box type packed lunches. However, tiffin-carrier-like lunch boxes aren’t suitable for my beloved’s work satchel. I needed something that is flatter than a tiffin-carrier, can lie on its side like a book, at the same time, I can section different types of food within the box. Yeah, I can be OCD like that. Remember the tv show Monk? My beloved thought he was my long lost bro, haha!

Before I researched about this container in order to write this post, I have no idea there is a Nude Food movement behind this range of lunchboxes.  As the name indicates, it’s all about reducing the amount of wrapped food and thus reducing the amount of rubbish we create on a daily basis, in addition to stay healthy and economical etc. I admit that I’ve made a faux pas with the individually packed yoghurt on this occassion. Bad Emily!

Just so you know the “rubbish free lunchbox” doesn’t come with a small rectangle container which holds the baked beans. This lunchbox is meant for sandwiches and biscuits, not so much for food with sauces and gravy. There are other products within the range which are more suitable for food like this. However, personally, I’m not a big fan of buying many containers for different purposes. So I thought adding a small microwavable container in the middle compartment was a clever idea, no? 😉

If you wish to learn about Nude Food movement, check out here for more information. Also worth noting there is a Nude Food Day where Jamie Oliver is on board with it (Of course he is!).

Stay nude everyone! 😉

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6 thoughts on “[Review – Product] Packed Lunch using “Rubbish Free Lunch Box” [Nude Food Movers]

  1. I absolutely love these lunch boxes, they have changed what I give my children for school lunches dramatically, but they are so delicate. So far this year my children have had 2 each. They don’t stand up very well to children and the school ground, if they are dropped once they break. I would be more than happy to pay a little more for this product if was made of sturdier material.

    • Ya I agree. I, too, find it difficult to find lunch boxes that can withstand a fall on a hard surface. Forget about school children, even a clumsy adult like myself need to replace lunch boxes every so often as a result of mistreatment, lol.

  2. Hey!
    Look I am going to be a pain and ask because I cant find the answer anywhere and seeing as you have used the lunch box first hand I was wondering if you could tell me how to separate, the separate lunchbox compartments as the description on the nude food website of the product implied.

    Help a girl out! PLEASE!

    • Hi caitie

      the lunch box comes with the plastic dividers (which u can see on the side section) and a small round container. I added a small rectangular container myself (it did not come with the lunch.box) which fits juz fine. hope this helps!

    • Hi, I saw on a blog that you were having trouble separating the compartments on the nude movers lunch boxes. I was wondering if you had worked it out as I have just purchased one of these and have no idea how to get them apart!!! Lol so frustrating

      Thanks in advance!

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