2014 Holiday Gift Guide Under $100

Gift Guide Under $100

Well my friends,  it is that time of the year that we have a legitimate excuse to go shopping and don’t feel embarrassed with the amount of parcels that get delivered to work ha! Putting together a gift guide is one of my favourite things to do during the approaching holiday season and I hope these items will help with your Christmas pressie planning. 🙂

1. Hubert Tablecloth ($79.95) – If you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with grey and white stripes! While I love the rustic and flawed look of my boat wood dining table, every now and again, I like to change up the look of my dining area with a simple tablecloth.  My preference for a tablecloth is a clean and simple pattern as well as being made of good quality material.

2. 3 Piece Kiwi 450ml Zero Japan ($55) – Instead of chocolate, my go-to unisex present is a tea set. This stems back from when I was in primary school on Teachers’ Day, my mum would pick up a couple of Asian tea sets from her friend’s shop as gifts for my favourite teachers. While it has been decades since I left primary school, the idea of gifting tea set has not really left me. I have a lot of tea drinkers in my life and based on what I’ve observed from them, it seems that they won’t settle with just one tea set, likened it to my obsession with purses! 😉

3. Interlocking Wine Rack ($77) – I have a weakness of innovative and novelty products. This particular wine rack caught my attention as it has the flexibility to change the shape of the rack to suit your needs or the size of your cupboard which is great for those who enjoy home organising!

4. Weave Bowl ($90) –  Home ware can sometimes be a tricky thing to get someone as you have to consider the taste of the homeowners and whether the items you get will fit with the themes that they are channeling. When faced with such dilemma,  my mantra is to pick a neutral coloured general item such as photo frames, vases and this adorable catchall bowl.

5. Brass Nickel Plated Wine Cooler ($99.95) – As I am not a wine drinker, I find it challenging to pick a wine as a gift to an avid wine drinker friend. I often seek help from the shop assistants and even that, I feel like I am throwing darts in the dark. When I came across this gorgeous wine cooler, I thought why not get wine accessories instead?

6. Laguiole by Louis Thiers Salad Serving Set (RRP $89, Discounted Price at Hard To Find $62.30) –  Laguiole utensils have been on my wishlist for a while especially their steak knives. To keep it  under $100,  I’ve found this pink salad serving set which makes a practical gift to friends who love to entertain at home and ….. a pink lover! 😉

(I can’t help but to feel this is turning into my wish list rather than a gift guide ha! Happy shopping! x)

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