My Experience with Jeep Portsea Polo 2015 & Thank You for Picking My Outfit!

Portsea Polo 2015 |

Going to this event has been marked by many firsts for me:

(i) First trip to Portsea

(ii) First helicopter ride

(iii) First live polo match

(iv) First taste of foie gras

I confessed that I had an outfit dilemma the night before and I am thankful for your opinions regarding my outfit choices! 🙂

Despite the weather being predicted to be rainy on Saturday,  other than a mild drizzle in the morning the weather was very kind to us.  This also ensured a smooth helicopter ride to Portsea taken from the helipad right across from the Crown Casino. It was a pleasant surprise that my friend and I shared the same helicopter with Colin and Dasha Gold from the The Trendspotter who were the official fashion bloggers for the event.

Portsea Polo 2015 |

I couldn’t find a better way to experience the Portsea Polo as the chosen official food blogger of Philadelphia Australia for the Portsea Polo. I visited Philly’s activation stand where I was able to sample the Sweet Chilli, Apricot & Fig as well as the Mexican Salsa Philly pourovers with other guests. As Philly was hosting the “Philly’s Fashions on the Field”, it was delightful to see fashionistas snapping away with their smartphones at the activation stand to participate in the contest.

Portsea Polo 2015 Food Photo |
Portsea Polo 2015 Food Photo |

I can never have enough of the Sweet Chili Philly pourover! I hung out at the Philly activation stand sampling different types of Philly pourovers and gazing at fashionable people. I was particularly impressed with the men’s fashion on the field. It may not be for everyone but I really like the pairing of short, shirt, blazer and loafer on men. Who could have thought it could be a chic combo huh?

To find out more about the best street style from the event, the Trend Spotter has done an amazing job on the roundup.

My round up of the event, on the other hand, is food! I lost count on the amount canapes I had that day. We were at the Polo Club Point Nepean marquee where these delicious canapes were served.

Portsea Polo 2015 Food Photo |

{Foie gras on mini toasts}

Portsea Polo 2015 Food Photo |

{Potato rosti}

Portsea Polo 2015 Food Photo |

{Scallops with pea puree and prosciutto dust}

Portsea Polo 2015 Food Photo |

{Mini burgers by The Royale Brothers}

There was also a popup Polo Club Point Nepean Restaurant where a two-course lunch that was presented by Ian Curley of the European.

Portsea Polo 2015 Food Photo |

{Yarra Valley Brook trout crudo, pickled fennel, confit ornage and liquorice}

Food blogger

{An action shot of me ha! Thanks Erin for taking this!}

Portsea Polo 2015 Food Photo |

{Tasmanian Angus Short rib, remoulade, smoked bone marrow}

Portsea Polo 2015 Food Photo |

{By the time dessert canapes were served, I had became sensible.  All I had were the lemon meringue tartlet and the berry sorbet.}

Portsea Polo 2015 |

What better way to capture my experience with the event than a short clip from my trip taken by my trusty Samsung Galaxy Camera! Allow me to present you my first Youtube upload ever and enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “My Experience with Jeep Portsea Polo 2015 & Thank You for Picking My Outfit!

    • Oh Rachel, thank you for your kind words! I was really happy with the white dress too! Not tight fitting and the lace details looked really pretty on the photo. It turned out to be ideal not knowing that I was going to have so much nice food in my belly at the end of the event ha! x Emily

  1. What a beautiful day. The food all looks amazing!
    I want that sorbet- did it have cream cheese in it at all?
    Did you like the foie gras? I thought I would hate it the first time I tried it but I actually thought it was pretty tasty. I’ve heard there is more ethical foie gras hitting the market now too.

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