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As predicted, it has been raining for the full weekend. Since I cannot go out and play,  I’ve made good use of time cooking  and did some unpacking. Yes, it has been 3 months plus since I have moved in, but I’m a slow unpacker.  Another good thing came out of this weekend was the Telstra technician came on Saturday and installed our landline while raining cats and dogs. I was worried for a sec that they might cancel the installation because of the rain but to my relief, they didn’t (really appreciate this, Telstra)!  So I’m half way back to civilisation and can’t wait to get my internet connected SOON!

Here’s what I got from the supermarket to kick start my week:-

  1. Carrots, potatoes, Golden Curry and chicken stir fry pieces (not pictured) – I plan to make a big pot of Japanese curry. This should get me covered for a couple of days, lunch and dinner. Recipe is here.
  2. Snack Pots Cocktail Mix – my favourite snack at the moment. A good mix of salt, sweet and spicy (from the wasabi peas).
  3. Green apples and lime. Love green apples, peanut butter and the new Kellogg’s Fibre Toppers. Lime – a revival of honey tea and lime back to my life.
  4. Ready to eat brown rice – a life saver when I ran out of leftover rice for making fried rice.

Have a great week everyone!


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