In my grocery bag & my weekend in a nutshell

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend.

As for me, it turned out to be a productive one: got some blog posts ready for the week, rearranged my bookshelf and potted herbs in my kitchen (which has been on my to-do list for weeks) and the usual boring but neccesary household chores like laundry and cleaning. The highlight of the weekend was definitely the live music session at the Victoria Hotel (Orange, NSW) that I’ve attended mainly to support my friend’s daughter (who is 14) who was performing on that night.  It was fun playing “groupie” for the night!

Titbits of my grocery for the week:-

  1. The orangey looking fruits are persimmons and happen to be my favourite. When they are ripe they become soft and sweet. S0 soft that you can scoop the flesh out using a spoon, like how you’d eat a kiwi fruit. My preference is to eat them just before fully ripen, a little harder, crunchier and still sweet.  I’m so glad that they are in season right now. 🙂
  2. Rocket and tomatoes – They are my favourite combination for salad and sandwich. Peppery rocket, tomatoes and mozzarella, a combination that will make my knees weak. (okay, it’s a tad dramatic!)
  3. Unexpectedly, I went a little cheese crazy. South Cape is having this deal in Woolworths where you buy 3 South Cape cheese and receive a free South Cape recipe book value at $19.95 RRP. I wanted the recipe book so bad. There are so many recipes I really want to try. I could have gotten the book itself but it’s more value of money to take the deal, obviously. 😉
  4. Avocado – Harris Farm is selling them for $0.99 each. I thought it was a bargain! A sign that I should swap from a normal butter to the nature’s butter. Temporarily.

My weekend in a nutshell

{Relocating my potted herbs to be closer to the window and some re-arranging to de-clutter my kitchen benchtop}


{Colour co-ordinating my bookshelf}

{4 on the 4flour at Victoria Hotel, Orange NSW – performance by OneProudMonkey – apart from almost losing my voice for trying to talk in a loud pub, it was enjoyable listening to live music and knowing indie musicians from the region.)

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