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It’s about 4 days until Easter holiday. Like many, I’m very much looking forward to a long weekend holiday where Easter bunnies in the form of delectable chocolate will be hopping around my palate. Okay, that sounds kinda scary.. ha! Anyway, here’s what I got from the supermarket to start my 4 work days to come. Did I just say 4 work days this week? Happiness.

  1. I love to start the week with lots of fruits. I had stocked up many pears this week as I will be making a pear dessert which I had bookmarked since last year. Can’t wait to share this “mysterious” dessert on my blog soon!
  2. Shin Ramyun – This is the best spicy instant ramen ever! Finish the noodles with a slice of Kraft Singles or an egg, this maybe the most satisfying under-10-minutes-meal you ever have!
  3. Vanila ice cream – handy to keep on hand to accompany a dessert or just having it with molten Nutella…heavenly!
  4. Divine Creme Caramel – Did I mention this is the best store-bought creme caramel ever? I could just sit back and enjoy this while watching trashy tv – one of my many guilty pleasures in life. 🙂
  5. Ardmona canned tomatoes – My pantry must-have. You’ll never know when pasta craving creeps up on you. ;P
  6. Magazine aisle is just as bad as junk food aisle, don’t you agree? I just couldn’t resist the latest celebrity gossips. The article on the hot French chef and his girlfriend’s (who happens to be a Malaysian) is juicy enough for me to buy the latest issue of New Idea. I actually bumped into them in Mamak Chinatown last year (and no, this not my April’s fool to you, honest!). I was star strucked and too shy to approach him to say hello. The fan in me wanting to shake his hand (okay, perhaps to steal a hug from him) and tell him how much I enjoyed his presence on tv… (eek, that’s cheesy) but I decided not to intrude his personal time with his family. Was it the right thing to do?

Anyway, hope you all have a good week!

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