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[Gluten Free Recipe] Chinese Chicken, Vegetables & Rice Bowl with Soy & Star Anise Braised Chicken

[Gluten Free Recipe] Chinese Chicken, Vegetables & Rice Bowl with Soy & Star Anise Braised Chicken |

I rarely use star anise in my cooking.  Ever since my friend taught me how to make this soy and star anise braised chicken, I don’t think I can ever live without this dish. A tad too dramatic? Perhaps. :P

I have made this dish many times and strangely, never thought of sharing this dish until now.  It is so easy to make and if rice is your staple and obsession, this dish goes awesomely well with rice. Imagine the spiced, savoury and slightly garlicky sauce being mopped up by every grain of fluffy rice. Oh boy, there’s no words!

[Gluten Free Recipe] Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Cavolo Nero Coconut Curry

Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Cavolo Nero Curry |

After an indulgent trip to Melbourne last week, tasting from lemon, lime and bitters dessert featured on Masterchef to tapas at the Gazi restaurant,  I had a sudden craving of vegetables packed meal at home. Do you feel the same way after returning from a trip?

Inspired by Crepes of Wrath’s green chickpea and chicken coconut curry with swiss chard, I’ve made a meat free version with sweet potato, chickpea and cavolo nero (a lot of it!!).  A girl has to make the full of kale season right?

6 Easy & Healthy Mother’s Day Breakfast Recipes

Mother's Day Post |

Do you have any plans for Mother’s Day on this coming Sunday?

As my mum and I live in different countries, calling to wish her Happy Mother’s Day is my typical ritual. I wish I could have a better celebration with her each year like making her breakfast in bed or spending a day at the spa with her and my sister who is also a mum now.

When it comes to food, my mum loves to indulge. She used to eat butter straight out of a tub, which explains where I got my love for butter from ha! For health reasons, she has cut down her indulgence and embarked on a low fat and sugar diet. It got me thinking about easy, almost fool proof and healthy breakfast recipes which are suitable to those who wish to pamper their mums with breakfasts in bed.

The following are six delicious breakfast ideas which I hope you’ll enjoy with your mum!