Recipe Rewind: 4 Ways with Macaroni

macaroni - 4 ways

Macaroni is my favourite choice of short pasta as it takes no time to become al dente and as strange as it sounds, I like the fact that I can eat macaroni with a spoon. 😉

I have shared a couple of macaroni recipes over the years. Whilst Mac and Cheese immediately sprung to mind, I actually preferred it as a stir fry dish.  I used to love the Mac and Cheese from Kenny Rogers (in Malaysia) when I was a kid.

Remember Kenny Rogers Roasters?

The super delicious roast chickens?

The Mac and cheese with a generous coat of melted orange processed cheese?

Oh yeah, it was good times!

When I’m home, I love chow mac, in replacement of fried rice. I like to switch up my source of carb from time to time because I love variety.

How about you? How do you like your macaroni?

(clockwise from first left: stove top macaroni & cheese with kale; macaroni & “nachos” bake; kale & tofu chow mac; mac ‘n’ cheese pancakes)

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