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[Recipe] Caffè Mocha Smoothie (ft. Chia Seeds & Maca Powder)

Caffe Latte Smoothie (ft chia seeds & maca powder) |

Hi guys! Let’s talk about breakfast today.

I know right, what a good topic to start on a Monday!

I have mentioned in the past that my beloved and I were serial breakfast skipping offenders. Since we often complained about lacking energy in the morning, and therefore not a morning person, I thought it’s high time that we get our act together and NOT TO SKIP BREAKFAST!

[Recipe] Baked Chicken & Corn Risotto

Baked Chicken & Corn Risotto |

Hello Monday!

Yah, I know it’s hard to be enthusiastic about Monday but on the bright side, I had my Monday dinner sorted with leftover ready for packed lunch tomorrow.  Talk about efficient meal planning over here in Fuss Free Cooking HQ huh?

Making risotto is something I would reserve to do on a Friday or Saturday night when I have all the time in the world to stand by the stove tempering the Arborio rice in hot broth.  When I was time starved, baked risotto seemed to be an acceptable compromise, contrary to what a purist would say.

[Recipe] Dairy Free Potato and Leek Soup

Dairy Free Potato and Leek Soup |

The Fuss Free Cooking household has been on a soup diet this week.  We had our fair share of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup and did I mention that it is my favourite canned soup ever?

Coupled with a super easy homemade damper loaf, soup for dinner was not too shabby after all!