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Homemade “Instant Shin Ramyun Hot Spicy Ramen”

Homemade "Instant Shin Ramyun Hot Spicy Ramen" a3

In addition to the Instant Mi Goreng, Shin Ramyun (the Korean Hot Spicy Noodle Soup) is another favourite of mine when I want a very quick and cheap meal at home. I got introduced to this popular Korean instant noodles by my dorm mates when I was doing my undergraduate and have not looked back ever since.


Chipotle Salmon and Sweet Corn Baked Macaroni

chipotle salmon & sweet corn baked macaroni  a5

My beloved has been snacking on canned tuna to the extent that I have been influenced and followed suit. We have been experimenting with various ways to make our tuna sandwiches taste amazing.

Mix with tomato sauce and fresh onion anyone?

Or how about a mayo and cucumber combo?

Any wacky and delicious combo you would like to share?


Grilled Portobello Mushroom & Haloumi Burgers Recipe

Grilled Portobello Mushroom & Haloumi Burgers Recipe [Vegetarian] a1

I felt that my mushroom repertoire was not complete until I included a Portobello mushroom burger recipe. Don’t think of it as a meatless burger. Think of it as a fat and juicy burger that is fast to make and regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or not, this little number is sure to hit the spot, which lies between I-have-a-bad-case-of-burger-craving and I-still-want-to-feel-that-I-ate-a-somewhat-wholesome-burger. Pretty much on the blurred lines, I’d say! *wink*


Pantry Pumpkin Risotto

Pantry Pumpkin Risotto a3

As strange as it sounds, as a self-proclaimed fuss free Emily doesn’t actually mind the stirring when it comes to making risotto. Whilst most people are looking for a no-stir recipe, I, on the other hand, find mindless repetitive motion to be therapeutic. The same reason I volunteered to do cherry sorting at my friend’s farm in December last year.