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Basil Pesto Marinated Kale, Quinoa & Haloumi Salad

Basil Pesto Marinated Kale & Haloumi Salad a1

Needless to say, this is a kale lovin’ blog. I love kale. My beloved loves me and therefore, he has to love kale by default, even though I caught him “whining” to my friends that kale is all I cook when it comes to green vegetables of late. He is such a brave man, isn’t he?


Simple Soup Party

Simple Soup Party a1

I used to get really stressed out whenever I hosted a dinner party at my place.  Perhaps it is the perfectionist in me that always aims for something spectacular, you know, a variety of dishes with all that “wow factor”. I tended to end up with a grocery list that felt like it could reach the floor!  I was feeling exhausted even before the party began. My beloved, on the other hand, has a more spontaneous and no fuss approach to hosting a dinner party. When he plans something at short notice, he prepares a large of pot of bean curry and rice. There you go, conquering a dinner party with a pot of curry and rice!  As it turns out the party is no less enjoyable and the guests go home, just as happy.


Sweet Potato Parmigiana Bites Salad

Sweet Potato Parmigiana Bites Salad a2fg

My other go-to pub meal other than steak and chips has to be chicken parmigiana. What’s not to like right? The crumbed crunchy exterior topped with tomato sauce and blistered cheese. Boy, I could do with a plate of this as I typed this post! As much as I love the pub version of chicken parmigiana, it is something I’d have once in a blue moon.


Stir-Fried Beef with Five Spice, Hoisin Sauce & Vegetables Recipe

Stir-Fried Beef with Five Spice, Hoisin Sauce & Vegetables Recipe  a1

Please forgive me. I have been posting a lot about stir fry recipes lately. That’s what happens when I stopped planning my blogging content and go with the flow. That’s so 80s of me!  I can only hope that you’re still with me on my stir fry journey.

I have been doing a lot traveling for the past few weekends which are normally used for planning my meals for the week. In the absence of meal planning, I resorted to what I do best and instinctively: stir fry.