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My day so far …

Hope you all have a good Easter break!

xoxo Emily :)


“Teriyaki” Chicken

Hello friends! I hope you have been enjoying your week so far.  Work has been crazy as usual and I have been craving a lot of sweet stuff. For a self-proclaimed savoury tooth, this is quite unusual.

Probably it’s that time of the month… you know, more bitchy than usual…haha!

“Enough Emily, we are not interested in your reproduction cycle! Especially not on a food blog for heaven’s sake!!!”

Too much information, I get it.


Baked Macaroon Pears with Palm Sugar Syrup

Orange is known for its fresh fruits such as apples, pears, cherries and stonefruits. Ironically, oranges are not grown here as the climate is too cool for oranges – (info obtained from Wiki)

However what Orange lacks in oranges, it makes up for restaurants (some of which are awards winning material) and eateries that rival the ones in metropolitan areas.  Not to mention countless wineries, picturesque scenaries and close-knit community that may convince you to to set up a holiday home  or even relocating to this beautiful city.


In my grocery bag

It’s about 4 days until Easter holiday. Like many, I’m very much looking forward to a long weekend holiday where Easter bunnies in the form of delectable chocolate will be hopping around my palate. Okay, that sounds kinda scary.. ha! Anyway, here’s what I got from the supermarket to start my 4 work days to come. Did I just say 4 work days this week? Happiness.