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Grilled Cheese Sandwich with “Pickled” Brussels Sprouts and Onions

My first grilled cheese sandwich is neither plain cheese or consists of tomato and cheese. It was in fact filled with cheese (Kraft Singles cheese, to be exact) and pickled cabbage and onions. It was from a food truck near my house in Penang specialising in hot dogs and burgers. Although we have such food trucks on almost every corner of the city, what made this particular one special was the pickled cabbage and onions. My mum disliked the idea of me having hot dogs and burgers all the time, so I happily compromised by foregoing the sausages and burgers and just stick to the pickled vegetables and cheese with grilled hot dog buns. I was contented.

Inspired by my childhood food memory, I have recreated my own version by substituting cabbage with brussels sprouts. I love the slight nuttiness in brussels sprouts that a cabbage lacks. But nothing beats the fact that my beloved enjoyed brussels sprouts without him realising it. 


{Lest we forget}

“Braised” Noodles with Green Beans

Braised noodles with green beans or 扁豆焖面 is a household dish in Beijing, China. How I found out about this dish is a strange one. I was following a microblog of a Taiwanese celebrity and she was mentioning as a romantic gesture, her husband who’s from Beijing cooked her a vegetarian version of this braised noodles.

I was curious of course. After a little research on the net, apparently there’s no set ways to make this dish. Being a homestyle dish, I suppose there’s some degree of flexibility on how one can cook this dish. However, the general idea is this:

You add vegetables and/or meat, add soy sauce and some water, enough to make some broth then you add fresh noodles to cook in the broth, covered with a lid, until the noodles fully absorbed the broth. Then as a finishing touch, you stir in some fresh finely minced garlic. Hence the name braised noodles.