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Smoked Tofu & Egg Fried Rice

There are so many ways to make fried rice. In fact, I don’t seem to have a fix recipe for fried rice.  As all of you may know, it is a versatile dish that you can improvise based on the ingredients you have on hand. All you have to do is to saute them with some cooked rice and eggs. Leftover rice is even better!


In my grocery bag & my days away from home

I was in Sydney for 2 days for work training. The morning on the training day which was the last Thursday happens to be the wettest day in March since 1984. Sydney was drenched by heavy downpour and so was I. Thankfully the rain didn’t last all day and I had the opportunity to wander around town, enjoying the hustle and bustle of a big city.

When I got back, my fridge supply was running low.  Despite feeling like doing nothing for the rest of the weekend, I managed to make a trip to get some supplies to kick start my work week:-

  1. Baguette -  I walked pass the bread section and couldn’t resist the smell of freshly baked baguette. So it came home with me. :)
  2. Australian garlic – I love local garlic. It is a bit expensive than the foreign imports, but for a garlic lover like myself, it is totally worth the splurge!
  3. Cheeses – I haven’t had cheeses at home since I moved. And Cheezels don’t count!
  4. Chopped frozen spinach – May make a variation of this later this week.
  5. Spiced olive – A sudden craving! No, I’m not pregnant!
  6. Expressi capsules – strength no. 10 – Since I bought the Expressi coffee machine (think a more affordable version of Nespresso), I have ditched my instant coffee and minimise the frequency of getting takeaway coffee.  This is one of the worthwhile purchases I’ve made lately. In addition, you can get the capsules from Aldi which is pretty much everywhere nowadays.  So it’s a plus for non-city dwellers like moi.

Sharing is caring. Here’re the snippets of my trip:-