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Haloumi and Spinach Curry

I’ve made a chicken version of this curry some time ago and  you probably don’t come across this particular curry in the Indian restaurants often. Lamb and spinach curry, maybe. However, what’s common is palak paneer which can be found under the vegetarian section on the menu.

“Geeze Emily, why the specification of the location of the dish on the menu?” one may ask. Or maybe not.

I just feel that Indian food is not just about butter chicken, chicken tikka masala and/or rogan josh. There are so many varieties other than the rich and creamy kind that we all seem to be obsessed with. There are beans and lentil curries, dosa (think a big crispy pancake filled with dry potato curry), beriyani and pulao, and last but not least, saag (spinach and/or mustard leaf-based curry). Home-styled chicken and red meat curries don’t usually cook with cream. The most Indian mamas would cook with is yoghurt. This is based on reliable intel from a couple of Indian mamas that I’m friends with. ;P I’m just saying… home cooked curries are not the same  as restaurant curries. I just need to get this out my system, ha!

Now back to my spinach and haloumi…

Garlic Bread {A simple make-ahead entre or side dish}

I feel this garlic bread is too simple to be showcased on this blog.

You may think “WTF Emily! You’re basically showing us how to spread some butter in between slices of baguette”.

[Recreation - Out & About] Empty Grocery Bag & My Days Away from Home (Canberra)

{Australian Parliament House, Canberra}

I have been away from home for the last five days chaperoning my beloved to Canberra for his work confence. Whilst it is all work for him, I was responsible for the fun stuff  such as eating, shopping and a bit of sightseeing. Poor me eh? Haha!

As a result of my time away, the “in my grocery” series was on hiatus for this week and will resume next week. :P Hence the part title of  “empty grocery bag”. ( Can you believe it, I haven’t got a chance to do any grocery yet. Disorganise…yes!)