Monthly Archives: February 2012

Fuss Free Entertaining with “Toasted” Agnolotti

Even though it was still summer when I wrote this post, the weather for the past few weeks has certainly convinced me otherwise. It has been raining intermittently with thunder and lightning over here in Orange, which unfortunately, took the fun out of leaving the house. On the other hand, having friends over to my place seemed to be a preferred alternative. A casual afternoon entertaining friends with our favourite tv shows (i.e. Once Upon A Time and Grimm) as well as snacks is a perfect way to cure boredom on a rainy day .

Given the frequency of entertaining friends in such relaxing manner, I’ve also re-discovered the joy of making simple snacks at home. One of my recent discoveries is the “toasted” potato and cheese filled agnolotti (courtesy of San Remo).  The fresh potato filled agnolotti is one of the recent ranges from San Remo. Aside from the potato, cheese and onion that I was using, the range also comes with other variety of filling such as:-

  • potato, bacon and sage
  • potato, leek and dill
  • potato, spinach and onion 

Fettuccine with Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

I can’t find a better way to mark my return to the blogosphere than sharing my favourite Italian dish of pasta and meatballs.

But first thing first, I apologise about the post drought on my blog.

It has been a crazy past couple of months from house hunting to moving house. Being in awe with the walk-in closet and the semi-new interior of the house we’ve just moved into, we missed the obvious – the phone line. The house didn’t come with a phone line. Since the move we have been surviving on wireless internet which for some reason, the reception is pretty crap. Apparently it has something to do with the fact that the roof is made of tin and not tile. This house is definitely not ADSL friendly. As I couldn’t leave my blog unattended any longer, I will be juggling between preparing blog posts offline at home and uploaded at work until a knight in a shining armour i.e my phone company technician come to my rescue.