Monthly Archives: November 2011

Thai Style Pea & Apple Soup

Cold weather often calls for these essentials in my kitchen:-

  • stick blenders (or food processor)
  • ready-made stock from the pantry
  • a large pot

If you keep these essentials at all times, you’re set to be warm and comforted on cold (and rainy) days…. in which I have been experiencing a lot lately in Orange (NSW).

What to do with leftover vegetable stir fry?

When the fridge leaves you with a bowl of overnight vegetable stir fry (in this case it was homemade), you make a good and hearty meal out of it. To do so, you have the following options:-

(a) Heat up in the microwave and then eat it right away. Since it’s only a small bowl of veggies, your next thought would be..’what else I can eat to fill the void of my quarterly-filled appetite?”….normally I would go down the path of junk food or a grilled cheese sandwich. Tsk tsk tsk….bad Emily!

(b) Pop it in a microwave and cook some extra rice on the side.

(c) Bulk it up with fresh hokkien noodles (the long life version which is available from the shelf instead of the refrigerated ones).

Spinach & Chicken Curry

My spinach and chicken curry may not be the best looking dish as compared to other curry dishes I’ve made. But I can tell you once you have tried this recipe, you’ll appreciate how light and subtle a curry can be. Forget about the rich and creamy restaurant styled curry we’re all accustomed to, this is something you can enjoy without feeling the need of an extra gym session after a meal.