Monthly Archives: October 2011

Clarified Butter

{I could have done a better job in skimming the milk solids. Forgive me?}

Those who don’t cooked with clarified butter don’t really know what they’ve been missing.  It’s called by different names depending on the countries you’re in (i.e. it is known as ghee in India and Pakistan). Regardless how you wish to call your clarified butter, it’s sole purpose, in my mind, is to make your dishes taste as if it has been cooked by a pro.


Mini Pavlovas with Pineapple and Pastry Cream

When I had my first pavlova (pav), I immediately fell in love with its contrasting texture of a crispy exterior and  marsmallowy interior. Top with dollops of whipped cream and fresh fruits (most commonly passion fruit /berries),  you’ve got to agree that pav makes an irrestible dessert to pass up, right?

Although the ingredients required to make a pav is an easy one, the technique of making one can be tricky!