Monthly Archives: October 2011

Blueberry, Mulberry & Strawberry Smoothie {using a stick blender}

Although I’m not lactose intolerant (which I’m thankful for), my dairy consumption especially the good kind has been a disgrace. You know how deep my love is for cheese and creamy pasta, somehow I couldn’t show the same level of affection for milk and yoghurt.

I love soy latte and those really sweet soy milk sold in Asian supermarket, that’s how much I’d go as far as milk concern. As for my feelings towards yoghurt, yoghurt in curry sounds wonderful, yoghurt in containers not so much! A hard to please dairy food snob, you bet!

Since I will be hitting 30 years of age in a couple of months, it got me thinking…..have I been getting enough calcium for the past few years?  Yes I know, speaking about last minute!

Spicy Red Lentil {soup or curry, you decide!}

This used to be my anticipated Sunday morning breakfast with roti canai when I was in Penang, Malaysia. Whenever I reminisce my childhood breakfast back home, I really miss all those savoury and “heavy” breakfast that would deem to be more lunch or dinner appropriate meals over here in Australia. I used to have nasi lemak with sambal and coconut curry, fried noodles, soupy curry noodles and wonton noodles….

Oh my, how I wish I can teleport back to Penang right now! “Uhm, may I borrow your Tardis, Doctor? Just for a quick spin for me to tapau some roti canai to go with this gorgeous dish?”

Crispy Squid with Garlic Mayonnaise {from Nigella Express}

To be honest, there’s nothing really special about squid on its own (sorry squid lovers, it’s true!). As you all will agree that squid itself is pretty tasteless. The texture will get worse if you add time and pressure when cooking it too! It became chewy and  rubbery… seriously make your jaw muscle developed (a definite no no to the shape of my face!).

Despite my minor whinge about the squid above, I still love’em (speaking about true love eh? lol). I love barbecue squid after they are marinated with garlic, lemon and salt. I love when they are curried or cooked in my favourite sambal sauce. I love when they stuffed with meat fillings and then cooked in soup (okay, it’s sounds unusual but trust me, it’s a lovely dish). Among the various ways you can turn squid into delicious dishes, my absolute favourite is when they are deep fried, prefereably lightly battered. You gotta admit that anything deep fried is a crowd pleaser. However I don’t know how I feel about deep fried bubble gum though.