Monthly Archives: September 2011

Egg & Potato Curry

I know a couple of people around me who don’t like hard boiled eggs. Mostly they complain about the powderiness of the yolk.

On the contrary, sunny side up, poached, scrambled and even a fully cooked omelette get way more love than hard boiled eggs!  I mean how often do you see people eating hard boiled eggs when you’re having breakfast outside? I, for one couldn’t even remember the last time I had hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

Kitchen Tip – Spices Storage

When it comes to spices, the way you store them is just as important as you cook them.

Storing them in an airtight container is a no brainer. Even though spices tend to have pretty good shelf life, if care is not taken in storing them properly, you’ll notice the vibrancy of the spices (both taste and colour) will deteriorate through time.

Cranberry Almond Loaf {Made with Olive Oil}

A special day calls for special outfit and treats.

Last Friday was our first Mufti Day (casual Friday) at work. I was excited because

(a) it was Friday; and

(b) I bought this really nice top a few days before and I’ve found a day to show it off. :P

I must admit I get excited really easily…

As long as it’s pleasant and out of the ordinary, I’m excited.

To celebrate this special Friday, I made this cranberry almond loaf for morning tea at work.  Don’t you just love short morning teas at work? :)