Monthly Archives: September 2011

Make your own strawberry syrup

As an avid soft drink drinker, I’ve been trying to minimalise my consumption of commercial soft drinks. Whenever I feel like having a fizzy drink, the substitution nowadays is sparkling water with juice concentrate.

What I love about my own concoction is I can adjust the level of sweetness to taste. Most of the time, I just made it with a tinge of sweetness just to satisfy my sugar crave at the same time keeping my sugar intake as low as possible.

Stuffed Peppers {My Leftover Makeover}

I’ve been made aware on the radio a couple of weeks ago on how we have contributed to a massive food waste each year. We are speaking of $694 millions worths of food waste each year within New South Wales alone. You can imagine how much $$$$$ we waste on a global scale. Not only we are wasting our hard earned money away, we are putting stress on our environment. In effort to do my part, I’ll be featuring snippets of my attempts to reduce any potential food waste in my household.  If you need more information on how you can do your part, have a look around this site for ideas.

Pumpkin, Lentils & Quinoa Salad {with roasted garlic & chilli}

Ever since I’ve tried quinoa in my salad, I have been enjoying every single grain of it!  Needless to say whenever I feel like bulking up or adding a nice texture to my salad, it has been my go-to ingredient. The best part about this is I don’t have to feel guilty about it. :)