Monthly Archives: June 2011

My Cheat Days: Laksa with Tofu Puffs & Bean Sprouts

When you are freezing to your ears, what do you do?

(a) take a long warm bath

(b) cooking & baking

(c) cuddle with your loved ones (aww…)

While my answer is all the above, I think the only option I can show on my post is probably option (b).

If you haven’t know, it’s winter in Australia and where I’m right now (Orange NSW),  it definitely feels like I’m living in a freezer. The good thing is I don’t have to worry about food going bad if left outside the fridge; the bad thing is it’s just too cold and my skin becomes flaky like puff pastries.

I love the look of snow but definitely not the feel of it.

I have been freezing to my ears literally and feelin’ hungry all the time. If you’re feeling the same as me right now, the solution is laksa!

Inspirations – Pantry Organizations

The state of my pantry has been bugging me a lot lately.

I must admit I’m an impulse buyer of groceries (a tell tail sign that you’re a foodie, perhaps?). Coupled with the generous size of my kitchen pantry,  I might have gone overboard in filling up the space with spices, dry ingredients and canned foods.

Based on my current estimation, I may have enough food for a month without grocery shopping. Is this bad?