Monthly Archives: June 2011

Grocery Haul:

Despite I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Penang (in Malaysia), where cafes and malls are just about everywhere, Orange/Bathurst lifestyle is beginning to grow on me.

Here are the reasons why they have been good to me:-

  • no traffic jams
  • people are super friendly and helpful
  • bigger food servings at cheaper prices (Boy, I love pub food!)
  • last but not least, fresher air and beautiful green scenaries

Five-Spice Chicken Meatballs with Leek and Goji Berries

Whether or not goji berries are good for one’s eyes, I know I’d love to have them in my soup and lately, in my stir frys. For those who haven’t had them before, normally these berries are available in the dehydrated form. Come to think of it, I have yet came across the fresh version.

If consume straight, they remind me of prunes but not as sticky and a slight bitter after taste. Therefore I don’t recommend you to put heaps of them in one go. Unless you’re obsess with them.


Buttery Chic

Who doesn’t love toasts with butter?

I can’t have soup without them.

I love having them with a light sprinkling of sugar for breakfast.

I love tainting them with a light sweep of Vegemite in between meals.

Although the process from making to eating buttered toasts takes only a few minutes, I think it would be lovely to have an eye candy around while chomping on toasts. I’m keen in looking for a better (prettier) option than my current butter storage situation – in a zip lock bag!

  1. Dee Puddy Porcelain ‘Grazing Cow’ Butter Dish £29.95
  2. The Secret Garden Glass Butter Dish USD$33.00
  3. Victoria’s Basement Blue Willow by William James – Butter Dish AUD$10.00
  4. Domayne Ecology Butter Dish AUD$11.86
  5. Anthropologie Tea and Toast Butter Dish USD$12.00

My Cheat Days: Laksa with Tofu Puffs & Bean Sprouts

When you are freezing to your ears, what do you do?

(a) take a long warm bath

(b) cooking & baking

(c) cuddle with your loved ones (aww…)

While my answer is all the above, I think the only option I can show on my post is probably option (b).

If you haven’t know, it’s winter in Australia and where I’m right now (Orange NSW),  it definitely feels like I’m living in a freezer. The good thing is I don’t have to worry about food going bad if left outside the fridge; the bad thing is it’s just too cold and my skin becomes flaky like puff pastries.

I love the look of snow but definitely not the feel of it.

I have been freezing to my ears literally and feelin’ hungry all the time. If you’re feeling the same as me right now, the solution is laksa!