Monthly Archives: May 2011

Chicken & Vegetables Satay Noodles

This week has been incredibly hectic for me at work. For those who are small business owners in Australia will understand there were multiple Tax Office deadlines in May. When it comes to deadlines, we all know there are always the “last-minute offenders”, don’t we? Oh, did I mention I’m a number cruncher by day?

Since I have been overworking the logical side of my brain all week, I’m craving for a creative outlet, I miss blogging and photographing my dinner.

Sweet Chilli Prawns

I think growing up on an island has something to do with my love of seafood.  My mum used to get seafood directly from the local fishermens because it’s cheaper and most importantly, fresher. Unfortunately this is something I haven’t been able to achieve over here, especially residing in an inland regional area. Having said that, this doesn’t stop me from splurging on  supermarket seafood every now and then. The quality may not be the same but with a little external help from seasonings, it is good enough to satisfy my seafood crave.  The best part is it doesn’t take long to make. :)

My Cheat Days: Japanese Chicken & Vegetable Curry

I often feel that one’s love for cooking is put to test during weekdays. Juggling between work and meal preparation can be a real challenge when all you can think of after work is doing absolutely nothing in your pj’s. :P  Since I usually have light lunches during the day, like clockwork, my stomach will start to grumble and hunger strikes from the moment I finish work. With an hour commute from work to home, I transform from a gentle white-collar lady into a total cookie monster by the time I got home, scouring whenever I can from the pantry and fighting the strong urge of getting KFCs or McDonalds (which are within walking distance) at the same time.