Monthly Archives: March 2011

Ginger & Shallot Beef with Broccoli

During my 2 years stint as a waitress in a small noodle bar in my university days,  I’ve learned 2 valuable lessons:-

(1) Food industry is a tough business. Not only the food has to be exceptionally good to stay ahead in this competitive market, you have to be a good manager, juggling between  pricing and staffing etc. Basically it’s a one man (woman) show, like blogging, but just a hundred times’ tougher! So think twice before venturing into food biz.

(2) How to make a decent stir fry.  Although I wasn’t officially taught by the chef but from bits and pieces of observation I gathered, I’m pretty confident in dishing out stir-frys when I’m in need of  no fuss and last minute entertaining idea.