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Chocolate Bits Brownie Slice

Oh, look away or X the page if you are still going strong with your healthy resolution!

It seems cracks start to appear around my healthy resolution. How many of us are still holding tight to our wishful healthy lifestyle? All I can say I have done well for the past 30 days (barely!) and the “reward” for my effort is of course a super duper chocolatey brownies to make up for lost time!

Also, just in time for Valentine’s days which only 7 days away and I feel it’s my “duty” as a food blogger to seduce you with an extreme chocolatey post. ;)

Cheesy Cornflakes Pancakes

I didn’t realise I have a “thing” for cornflakes until I looked back at some of my previous recipes (case in point here, here and here).

Whether this qualifies as an obsession or not, I beginning to consider cornflakes as my new panko breadcrumbs.  As it seems panko breadcrumbs is always in the “ran-out” status in my pantry, my fall back “crunchy agent” is cornflakes.

Chinese Hazelnut Cookies + Happy Chinese New Year

Here’s why I love Chinese New Year:-

  1. New Year Eve  is when all the family members gather and have reunion dinner. We always had food cooked by my grandma and aunties. Mostly are my uncles and aunties’ favourite childhood dishes. So you’ll be looking at a crowded table filled with traditional Chinese food like braised pork knuckles, braised ducks with yam, steamed fish and stir fry garlic shoots with prawns….what I called hardcore Chinese food, hehe!
  2. Staying up late especially on the eve of New Year. This is the time when all the women and girls gather in the kitchen, catching up on relative gossips (juicy!) while filling up containers with goodies to entertain guests for the next few days of the Chinese New Year. Yes, we smother our guests with piles of cookies, roasted nuts and seeds and candies! This is also a perfect time for us to taste test all the goodies – just for quality control *wink* wink*.
  3. Visiting other distant families – a great opportunity to savour what goodies they have in store for us. :P
  4. Show off your new clothes. There’s always an under the table competition which lady has the best red dress and bling. ;)
  5. Observe the elders playing mahjong. Although I don’t get the game, it’s still fun to watch the “tension” and suspense developed over the course of the game. Did I mention this game can last all night long? In my family, the winner always ended up paying for dinner (willingly of course!). This is what I call no win, no lose situation. :P
  6. Red packets –> money, money, money! Too bad we only get red packets when we were children (this may be different for every family). So this pleasure no longer applies. Oh well.
  7. And, of course spending quality time with family members that we don’t meet often. (You know I have to add this for good measure ;))