Monthly Archives: February 2011

Mini Pizzas with Homemade ‘Oaty’ Crust

While making bread at home is no big deal to some people, I still have this inexplainable reservation or maybe ‘fear’ towards making my own bread. I have had homemade breads many times, often generously gifted from friends.  I love the freshness in homemade breads and find them to be unexpectedly addictive. While I’m pretty sure there is no butter in my friends’ bread recipes (or  perhaps they could lie about them), I can somehow taste the butteriness”  in homemade breads. I guess my tastebuds could have been playing tricks on me. :P

Tofu Puffs with Chinese Kale (Gai-Lan) and Carrot

Guess what I’ve found from my local Harris Farm Market? Mini tofu puffs!!!

If you are puzzled with my excitement, please bear with me – Emily, the drama queen.  That’s what happen when you’re deprived from Asian groceries. Having lived in regional areas for some time, I find the supply of Asian ingredients has been intermittent. Unlike living in places with Chinatown, you don’t get everything in one place and all the time.

I may try to  find substitutions like cornflakes for panko breadcrumbs, but there are many things I  still can’t (or refuse to) make do. Tofu, for one. Anyway, I was so excited because of the small tofu puffs. You get the bigger ones occasionally but this is the first time I’ve seen the small ones.

Spicy Carrot Coconut Curry

Carrots – it’s Bugs Bunny’s favourite food and one of the few vegetables that sits well with children. To cooks, they are essential flavour base for stews and soup. To me, it’s one of my to-go vegetables whenever I need to bulk up my stir-fries, noodles and fried rice.