Monthly Archives: February 2011

“Soft” Sweet Potato with Pecans Cookies

The reason I named the cookies as “soft” as they are, literally SOFT.  As you go through the following recipe, it contains leavening agents such as baking soda and baking powder. So please expect the cookies to be soft and fluffy and NOT chewy and crisp. Strange descriptions for cookies, I know.

To be honest, if this hasn’t been labelled as a cookie recipe, I reckon it would have been passed off as a muffin recipe. I was trying to save time by using a medium sized ice cream scoop and it didn’t work for me and that particular batch has transformed into “muffins”. Literally.

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Coffee Syrup

Is it only in the movies that couples go out for candle light dinner and take a midnight stroll by the beach and followed by a night of passion on Valentine’s day? My parents never did anything for Valentine’s day although my mum has a secret desire to go dancing every year. Being in a relationship, one would have thought Valentine’s day will be a “happening” day for couples. From what I have observed from my real life coupled friends (okay, myself included!), we basically just carry on life as usual.  It does  sound like we are on the road of elderly coupledom eh? ;)

Sweet Potato Crackers

Crackers are one of my snack staples besides cookies and PB&J sandwich. Since I missed the whole oreos-dunked- in-milk action for the most part of my childhood, besides having Nestum cereal in milk, the next best thing I had was dunking plain crackers. A habit which I learned from my parents.