Monthly Archives: February 2011

Chicken, Cabbage & Cellophane Noodles Dumplings


Yet another chicken dumplings recipe. What can I say, I love my homemade dumplings! My first dumpling post was mainly jotting down my friend’s recipe and since then, I’m hooked on making and  savouring them.

Bye, bye frozen dumplings!

You’re so yesterday!

Mac “N” Cheese with Smoked Chicken and Sundried Tomato

Mac ‘n’ cheese – almost every household’s favourite recipe, a must have when it comes to comfort eating and somewhat my to-go recipe when facing a “mental-block”. Even having a pantry full of food and spices as well as obscene amount of cookery books, I  sometimes couldn’t shake off the feeling of “don’t know what to cook” and can somehow hear my nearest fast food joint, which was 5 minutes away, calling out my name. (Mind you it’s 5 minutes walking time!).  While many people wouldn’t find this to be a plus point, to me, living 5 minutes away from fast food haven is heavenly. :) Having said that, it is a constant battle for me not to step on the “slipery slope” of habitual fast food eating.

Four Beans Mix with Mushrooms Curry

After spending 4 months sitting at home and blogging mostly, it’s time for me to go back to my 9 to 5 desk job.  I am already starting to miss the free time I had and the luxury of “worrying” what to make next for my blog rather than office politics or performance review. Not that I’m going to abandon my blog, but depending on how my new job is going to be, I might reduce my blogging activity in order to make way for my new job.

Am I the only person who  feels the reluctance of going back to work after a long happy break?

Roxan and Tanantha, how did you manage the back-to-work blues after your fabulous trips?