Monthly Archives: January 2011

Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo NSW

Since most of my beloved’s holiday was spent on house hunting, we were unable to go on a long holiday away from home. Instead we did a day trip to the famous zoo  – Taronga Western Plains Zoo, in Dubbo, NSW – about two and half hours drive from Orange.

I couldn’t remember the last time I actually went to a zoo but I was quite excited to get up close and personal with the wildlife there. The zoo area  (more like a safari) is about 5 kms and you can either rent a  6-seater cart for AUD$69 for 3 hours or a bicycle or you can drive your car or you can walk. As the carts couldn’t get you any closer to the animals as compared to cars, I would recommend to tour the zoo with your car  in order to save on the rental fee. Plus, if you love taking photos like us, 3 hours will fly by.

Our concern was we wouldn’t find any parking in the zoo (because there were many tourists when we were there) but  it turned out to be otherwise. Darn!

Vietnamese Prawn & Egg Salad Rolls

The sweltering heat experienced in Orange summer for the past few days made me crave for nothing but frozen Coke and light meals.

Me, light meals? Seriously?

Unfortunately growing in Malaysia hasn’t built my tolerance to hot weather. Furthermore, I had air conditioner in Malaysia and my place in Orange isn’t furnished with one. When I moved here, I was told you don’t need one here. Are you kidding me?

Avocado & Lime Loaf Topped with Pepitas (Pumpkin Seeds)

The avocado loaf was the result of watching back-to-back episodes of Top Chef Just Dessert.  I know it’s kinda late to blog about the show  now which has already ended on 17 November 2010.

Can you imagine how tough it was for me not to google its winner?

Yes, besides my secret identity as a food blogger, I’m also a suspense killer (Don’t worry, I’m considerate enough not to mention the winner here in case you haven’t watch it :) ). Unfortunately, Adam, who introduced me the show as well as knowing me too well, made me promise not to check the result. Damn, it was tough!   But part being a good friend is not breaking a promise. So I resisted the temptation of googling “top chef just dessert winner”. :P