Monthly Archives: January 2011

Make your own baking powder

I have been reading a book called Kitchen Science – A Guide to Knowing the Hows and Whys for Fun and Success in the Kitchen by Howard Hillman (I got mine from the library – 1989 edition).

The beauty of this book is the facts are laid out in FAQ-style , so don’t expect it  to be a science text book or encyclopedia. I think it is perfect for people who have short attention span of a goldfish – like myself. That said, my mind did wander a bit whenever Howard went into details about scientific stuffs like molecules and gas. Feel a little like Chemistry classes in high school? Yeah,  I think so. :P

It covers  all areas of cooking and baking starting from understanding your cooking equipment, cooking methods, baking, beverages to nutrition and health. Although I must admit I have conveniently skipped the  last part. *cough*cough* Boring!


Roasted Pumpkin Brown Rice Salad

My past experiences with cooking brown rice have been unpleasant. Since I have been growing up to cooking rice using a rice cooker and not any other way, I’m not a fan of  methods which requires cooking rice over stove i.e absorption method. So I thought I could  do the same with brown rice. Coupled with my disregard to the instructions on the packet, let’s just say if I were on Hell’s Kitchen, the result will earn me a good yelling and have the frowning Gordon Ramsay staring at me in disgust, swearing  the “f” word in the meantime! :P