Monthly Archives: January 2011

Roasted Pumpkin Brown Rice Salad

My past experiences with cooking brown rice have been unpleasant. Since I have been growing up to cooking rice using a rice cooker and not any other way, I’m not a fan of  methods which requires cooking rice over stove i.e absorption method. So I thought I could  do the same with brown rice. Coupled with my disregard to the instructions on the packet, let’s just say if I were on Hell’s Kitchen, the result will earn me a good yelling and have the frowning Gordon Ramsay staring at me in disgust, swearing  the “f” word in the meantime! :P

Pineapple & Peas Pizza Toasts

Everyone has a favourite aunty/uncle in life.  Obviously they were the fun adults in our childhood. If they were as strict as our parents, they won’t be reigned as our favourite right? My favourite aunt, let’s call her Aunty S, is an avid baker. You know how sometimes adults try to force feed children with certain food like vegetables and oats , Aunty S is different. She is like the Mrs Santa Claus but with bake goods.

I have been told that the key’s to one’s heart is through the capturing one’s appetite. And this is in the context of ensuring a harmonious relationship between men and wives. That said, I do secretly think that this applies to any kind of relationship let it be marriage, friendship  and family ties. Aunty S is a prime example. Not only she loves to bake, she is good at it and coupled with her jovial manner, there’s no doubt she is very well-liked wherever she is – both at home and work.

Up ‘n’ Bake Wholemeal Peanut Butter Cookies

No, I haven’t fallen off the healthy bandwagon. Uhmm…. okay…. maybe a slight derailment but come on, I need to cut myself some slack! Unfortunately I know myself too well to do a stringent health guru type diet. Who am I kidding with my healthy new year resolution right? Maybe after channeling my inner cookie monster to finish off these cookies, I’ll feel guilty enough to have salad for the next meal or go for a walk.  We’ll see :P. It’s just that I somehow find this recipe is too good to pass up (excuses, excuses, excuses!)