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Thanks to all these blogs for featuring my posts :)

I’m grateful that some of you took the time to link my posts on your blogs. I like to take this opportunity to thank you all. You guys are the best! (I better stop ranting before it starts to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech, hehe!)

Please take the time to check out these lovely people. :)

Burger Joint in Orange, NSW – Mackies Cafe

If you don’t have time to make burgers at home, one of the MUST-GO places to get your burger fix is Mackie’s Cafe. IMPRINT THIS ON YOUR BRAIN – no Macca, go Mackies! (Just kidding, I love’em both!)

It took me a long while to discover this jewel despite I drove pass this place almost everyday to get coffees.  The embarrasing part is it took one of my visiting friends to convince me to have lunch there (instead of the other way round, sigh!). I wasn’t really attracted to its exterior thinking it would be one of “those” takeaway places. Yes, I was being vain and almost missed the “awesome burger” boat. It’s definitely necessary to [insert don't judge a book by its cover here].

Nigella Lawson’s Recipe – Chocolate Croissants

Yep, I have just realised that I have an unopened pack of 10 puff pastries sheets sitting at the bottom of my freezer. Obviously, I have forgotten completely about them. Counting down to the second last day until the big move, I am kinda freaking out at the moment. How the hell am I going to finish 10 sheets of puff pastries in 2 days?

Okay, I have 3 options: (1) I can throw the unused ones away – but that’s would a complete waste! Definitely not my style. (2) Give to a friend – My only close friend here was away and couldn’t give her the stuff in time. Also I think it’s odd to give your acquaintances a packet of puff pastries as a gift, no? Or (3) Bake the crab crap out of them with little time I have left.