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Coconut Milk, Melon with Sago Dessert (椰汁蜜瓜西米)

With cakes, cookies and puddings dominating our senses lately, I felt the need to move back to my Eastern origin and relived some of the food fond memories from my last visit to Chinatown in Sydney. Whenever I travel to nearby metropolitan cities (it would be Sydney for now), a must visit place for me is Chinatown.

Like many, my must dos in Chinatown are, of course eat, eat and eat. What else right?  Okay, okay, maybe not all eat and nothing-else, there’s grocery shopping – just  to bring a little Chinatown back to where I lived.


Disaster: From Kashata to Granola

When a recipe specifies only 4 ingredients and 4 steps, one would deem it as easy peasy. Or so I thought about this Kashata recipe (a street food from Tanzania). The process started smoothly and smelling wonderfully when the desiccated coconut and peanuts hit the pan to bind with the caramel.  The whole cooking process didn’t smell of disaster until the end – the moment I tried to shape the mixture into a walnut-sized ball. As you can see from the photos, I could only manage to shape about 3 balls and the rest of the mixture wasn’t shapeable for being far too dry.