Monthly Archives: December 2010

Apricot & Lime Polenta Cake

If baking cookies and gingerbreads  as well as shopping for gifts are the only things you have to worry about, consider yourself lucky.

Due to my garden weed situation,  I have been diligent in weeding out my front yard  for the past couple of days (my backyard is yet to finish, sigh!).  So far, Orange  does not have much of a summer, as the intermitent rain and the mugginess felt before downpours made gardening even less pleasurable than it was. Anyway, I’m glad that my front yard is looking a lot better now and before moving on to my backyard, I decided to take a break and bake a cake. A much needed gesture to inject some pleasure in between gardening. :P

Party Food for Kids: Oven-Baked Chicken & Vegetable Nuggets

Just so you know, I don’t intend to pull a “Jamie Oliver” when it comes to chicken nuggets.  I’m neither a closeted buyer of supermarket nuggets nor I will hide McNuggets under my skirt if you catch me nibbling them. Having said that, with Jamie’s Food Revolution spreading around the world, he managed to get one point across, well to me anyway, that good parenting includes making chicken nuggets at home and not buying them. Although I’m not yet a parent, I somehow sensed an encouragement from him to set a good example for the little guests in an upcoming party.

Pecan and Cranberries Brownies with White Chocolate Studs

We all familiar with the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, how about ” a chocolate a day keeps the therapist at bay”?

Don’t worry, my mental health is doing fine. Somehow I couldn’t help to recite the latter saying in my mind whenever I bake something with chocolate.  I mean how true is this? Chocolate is our fix whenever we feel a little blue or anxious.