Monthly Archives: November 2010

NQN’s Crunchy Southern “Deep Fried” Chicken

Quick show of hands: who doesn’t like deep fried chicken? Anyone?

I haven’t met anyone who hates deep fried chicken. We may not savour them as often as we like due to obvious reasons, but just hearing those three words alone is sufficient to stimulate my salivary gland.

How I wish there’s no such thing as high cholesterol and saturated fat! How I wish  one day nutritionists will declare that fried chicken is healthy! Well, we can all agree that that day is never going to arrive. But as Nigella Lawson would say, it’s not all or nothing (quoting her in Nigella Bites).  There’s a middle ground: oven baked “fried” chicken.


Chicken Fajita Pasta

How’s your weekend?  Were you pre-occupied with to-do lists and finalising your menus for Thanksgiving? Honestly I’m having trouble deciding which the dishes will make the cut for the Thanksgiving party.